The Truth Is Like A Lion; You Don’t Have To Defend It

I have to admit until I come across with Heathcliff of Lionsground – I was almost about to swallow the crap load of intentional misinformation from certain (in)famous hoaxers on Youtube. Peters is brave enough to do research overseas and travel to the countries that could be even dangerous for him – without hesitating to risk his life.

I’m deeply touched and extremely impressed by the research he did about the deaths of engineers working on ASELSAN corporation in Turkey which produces tactical military communication and defense electronic systems for the Turkish Armed Forces. He puts his heart to the work he doing which is a true and pure journalism in every sense – while some youtube channels spending their time manipulating videos, images and sounds to create fake “evidence” to attract people for the ad revenue.

Skills and understating on computer graphics, sound and visual effects of Peters makes him the perfect candidate for research about UFO incidents, extraterrestrial events, paranormal activities; and debunking the fake news and made-up evidence created by hoaxers to take the advantage of people who want to believe.

Anyone who wants to know what is really going on out there must stick with Lionsground news.


about Lionsground.com

Lionsground.com was recently relaunched as an alternative to Patreon. In doing so, it has done away with any worries about censorship and is truly independent. I use this several times a day to catch up on alternative news. I have learned much within the forums. Topics range from UFOs, government, paranormal, crime and Tech news to Fake News. The stories are really interesting and are stories that i will not usually see in the MSM.

As an example, the current Crypto currency discussion within the forum has proved highly useful to me. I have learned a lot about crypto currency here and consider some of the information posted to be pretty high end.

I have also learned to begin questioning the information i take in from videos i watch on Youtube, particularly UFO related -as this is my main interest. If i have a question about a particular video i can simply post it and embed the video within the site. (something i find is really useful) and let others scrutinise it! Doing so, i am learning how to spot fake news more easily. I highly recommend this site. It is 100% more functional and useful that Patreon. I really look forward to seeing more interesting people within our community.