Terrifive Channel Exposed – Dissecting Disinformation

Terrifive channel was reviewed on authenticity Tuesday October 19th. Terrifive posts fake videos on his channel. Lions Ground breaks the story.

At the request of a follower, Lions Ground has checked this channel for authenticity. The follower Spookymink Underground wrote under a post the request: “Go investigate Terrifive channel – lots to debunk and there’s something off with the channel. Very lazy editing. 1.01 Million subs yet not many views or comments 🤔”

Terrifive Channel

Terrifive opened the YouTube channel on June 23, 2015. The channel publishes countdown-type of videos about unsolved mysteries and unbelievable stories. The channel now has more than 1 million subscribers.

Screenshot of Terrifive Channel
Screenshot of Terrifive Channel

Currently, the channel has published 279 videos. Most of the videos are related to the paranormal and conspiracy theories. The channel is not interactive as there is no communication with the viewers who placed a comment under the videos.

Something off

The follower of Lions Ground Spookymink Underground dropped the ball that something strange is going on with the alleged YouTube channel. Terrifive channel has more than 1 million subscribers but gets extremely low numbers and interaction among the videos.

Lions Ground made a timeline below from 2015 to 2021 regarding the growth of Terrifive channel:

  • 2015 – the launch year of the channel
  • 2016 – the channel reached 259,000 subscribers
  • 2017 – 693.000 subscribers
  • 2018 – 793.000 subscribers
  • 2019 – 999.000 subscribers
  • 2020 – 1.01M subscribers
  • 2021 – 1.01M subscribers

The channel grew rapidly in the first three years, but starting from 2019 it is evident that the growth almost stopped. When a YouTube channel has more than 1.01M subscribers, it must achieve high marks, but in practice Terrifive channel achieves an average of 2,085 views per video. How about comments?

We put one of our videos with 2,327 views next to that of Terrifive with 2,415 views. Lions Ground has a lousy 3,200 subscribers and Terrifive 1.01M. Below you witness the comparison that our video got 86 comments and Terrifive got 16 comments.

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What have we learned from these numbers?

The subscribers-engagement ratio is clearly out of proportion making Terrifive channel’s subscriber base unconvincing. The numbers suggest that the channel has bought YouTube subscribers resulting in low engagement. When you build a following organically, most of those subscribers watch your content and interact with the YouTube channel as proven with Lions Ground.

In a good article by Khaleej Times you will learn why you should not buy subscribers. The newspaper points out exactly the reason what is going on with Terrifive, namely no engagement.

Khaleej Times explains the following cons: “If you purchase subscribers from a scam company that uses fake bots and dummy accounts, you violate the Fake Engagement Policy … Buying subscribers doesn’t automatically result in an increase in view counts, watch time, or likes”.

Reason behind the madness

Lions Ground has learned that Terrifive has sold the channel. In a Tweet dated April 1, 2020, the channel responds to a request of someone who like to purchase YouTube channels. ReasoningBEHIND builds automated YouTube channels.

This is why the channel has no engagement as it is fully automated. But the story gets bigger and Lions Ground breaks the story…

The company behind this is the Spanish company Link To Media based in Barcelona. They use a template that is applied in the video description and the about section.

The description reads as follows: “For those of you interested how I make all my videos, I primarily use Final Cut Pro X to edit my videos. I hire different researchers and writers for scripts and professional voice artists to create engaging content, use stock footages (both free and paid) and add visual effects that will leave you watching the channel for hours.”

As soon as you look up that phrase on YouTube or Google you stumble upon more channels from this company. The videos are designed by a group of Spaniards and outsource the production to third parties and publish it on their channels.

During the investigation we found the former owner, at least we think, because this channel also uses exactly the same phrase. In the web archive before the channel ever contacted ReasoningBEHIND, the YouTube channel featured the his second channel named Cozy. The call to action goes as follows: “Subscribe to our new channel”. Cozy can be found here.

All those channels have a huge amount of subscribers and views in a short time, but they have one thing in common, extremely low engagement. There is no trace of their videos on search engines and social media. This is another indication the company Link To Media is buying views and subs.

Debunking Terrifive channel

Terrifive is a YouTube channel about so-called terrifying topics. Lions Ground has carefully studied the channel’s most recent video called “5 spirits leaving their bodies captured on camera” and we discovered high-level of hoaxes and misleading information.

Someone’s death is someone else’s bread

A fatal traffic accident took place in Lopburi, Thailand depicting a moped killed in a crash with a blue pickup truck. The woman hit a pole on the side of the road, which was fatal for her. On September 17, 2016, a day after the accident, the security video of the accident appeared on the now deleted LiveLeak.com. Part of the original video was still available on the internet, which clearly shows that there is no ghost. It is distasteful of Terrifive to use a hoax video in which someone died for views and money.


Even if it cannot be proven that Terrifive has bought channel subscribers, we can prove that the channel is a hoaxer. You don’t necessarily have to have created a hoax to be a hoaxer. Deliberately distributing fake videos and taking movies out of context is the definition of disinformation. Watch the full debunk video from Lions Ground below.


These channels are getting out of hand, there was one called SlappedHam that kept coming up. I know he’s just trying to create content, but the content is so blatantly fake which makes you wonder how they have so many followers.

Hey DeGeMan, yes SlappedHam is definitely a good example. He does not judge the content but publishes it with an open dialogue so that a discussion arises. This discussion is what makes the channel so successful. If I do that, I lose my credibility.

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