5 Worst Fake UFO Videos of All Time

Let’s explore 5 of the worst fake UFO videos. The internet has made it easier than ever to find and share information. Unfortunately, this also means misinformation and disinformation about UFOs and aliens has more reach than ever before. In this video, I cover the top 5 worst fake UFO videos.

How to Spot a Fake UFO Video in Five Easy Steps

Knowing how to spot a UFO hoax in five easy steps will save you time and energy if you are someone interested in researching the latest UFO sightings. UFO hoaxes are everywhere you look. Just lurk around the internet for a few hours, and you’ll stumble upon dozens of them. Some of the images and videos may be real, but most of them are fake as hell. So how do we tell the difference? And why should you care? In this video, I’m going to explain exactly how to spot a UFO “hoax”.

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