Sunday, March 7, 2021



Is the Secureteam10 911 call real?

Today Lions Ground received a 911 call recording of Tyler Glockner's son calling the emergence line to report domestic violence. Is the Secureteam10 911 call real? True, the 911 call related to Tyler Glockner from the YouTube channel Secureteam10 is...

Did Lions Ground buy Secureteam10?

On October 24, a user sent an email under the false address [email protected] with the following question: Did Lions Ground buy Secureteam10? No, Lions Ground did not buy the YouTube channel Secureteam10. This conspiracy theory is created by YouTubers to...

Secureteam10 Case – Facts vs. Fables

Defamation and slander are used to discredit the facts delivered by Lions Ground. The bodies responsible for this propaganda involves a handful of YouTube channels that mislead people with disinformation. All claims are addressed in the video above "Secureteam10...

SecureTeam10’s Personal Video Message on Lions Ground

Tyler Glockner of Secureteam10 comes clean in an exclusive video message for his fans and the fans of Lions Ground. We break the news. Lions Ground has decided to give Secureteam10 a chance and withdraw the copyright claims after Tyler...
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Florida’s UFO Sighting Explained

On February 9, people from the Florida region start sharing an exciting UFO sighting on social media. It turned...
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