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The tabloid from the UK The Sun has been found guilty of promoting hoaxers and intentionally omitting evidence. Find out why this tabloid is fake news.

Lions Ground slams the UK tabloid The Sun as “fake news” after publishing manipulated and defaming news articles. Unlike finger pointing, Heathcliff shares  documents and three telephone conversations with the world. “Let the world know how the media manipulates,” says Heathcliff.

Pinpointing precisely how media coverage inaccurately depicted Heathcliff as a “jealous hater, troll, and coming out of the woodwork” Heathcliff went off on “fake news” and threw another jab at the beleaguered tabloid newspaper the Sun.

Tabloid The Sun“Regardless of which party I have in front of me, I’m going to fight fake news. My rights have been violated by both parties, it is my right to defend it,” says Heathcliff.

“38 emails and three phone calls has made available, this is called name purification,” he continued.

Marbella Car Crash

Before we dive into the story first the latest recent news about The Sun. Lions Ground is the first of all media on the planet that published this breaking news. This is because Heathcliff was one of the main witnesses to the “hit and run” in Marbella. Fact is Heathcliff witnessed this at 9 PM CET on May 28, 2017, and was published on the Youtube channel of Lions Ground. No media publication came first.

Shortly afterwards, Lions Ground received emails and there was a phone conversation about the high-profile video material in question.

The Sun is the only media outlet that Lions Ground has denied permission to use the video. The motive can be read below.

The Sun speaks about exclusive and breaking news which is actually not true. Lions Ground came exclusively on Youtube with this breaking news first.

In total, The Sun has published 16 stories about the hoaxer, Secureteam10. The intention of reaching out to The Sun is to publish a story backed up with hard evidence gathered by Heathcliff and two other respected debunkers. A story with a statement for the tabloid to stop spreading and fabricating fake news. Below the audio of the first telephone conversation.

Key points of this conversation

  • Tip The Sun with debunking story
  • Asked why The Sun publish stories without verifying the facts(proof)
  • Explained briefly about the hoaxer in question
  • Explained briefly about #OPVespaMandarinia
  • The Sun will call back

“Fake news is when deliberately disinformation and propaganda is published for financial or political reasons while purporting as real news, also a cheat, impostor, the pure definition of a hoax”

The Sun, a daily tabloid format newspaper is owned by the News UK company which has been designated as the second largest magazine in the UK. With so many daily readers you are obliged to take responsibility to inform people with true unbiased news.

Lions Ground is tackling fake news. All online publishers that meet this profile gets an ultimatum to change course. When the party in question fail to comply Google will receive a very well documented “fake news” report. With as possible result Adsense account termination and negative SEO impact.

Within 15 minutes the online technology reporter Jasper Hamill called back on behalf of The Sun. Below, the second telephone conversation between Heathcliff of Lions Ground and the author of The Sun.

Key points of this conversation

  • Author don’t disagree about the story of the hoaxer
  • Briefly explained the effects on true UFO research by distributing disinformation on UFOs
  • Briefly explained the consequences if publishers continue to spread disinformation
  • Heathcliff highlights the mistakes of “The Sun / Author”
  • It is proposed that the author publish a corrective article with the truth about the hoaxer in question with evidence
  • Discussing about the hoaxer in question
  • Author want to work on it: Appointment and deadline

Heathcliff sent on February 8, 2017, an email to the author of The Sun containing seven key evidence which exposes Secureteam10 as a hoaxer. The supporting evidence originates from Heathcliff and two other respected debunkers.

The communication over the phone is clear, the author seems to show interest to publish the truth and want to cooperate. As agreed, Jasper sent after the conversation a mail. Below you can read the full communication between Heathcliff and the infamous author.

“I just need to stay clear of saying he’s faking them … We have to be careful in our phrasing here, because he won’t respond to our emails. So we can’t really say he ‘faked’ the vids, because he could sue us.We have to be a bit more careful. Which reduces the strength of the story a bit,” says the author on February 20.

On February 20, 2017, the author published “Star Wars world famous UFO hunter is accused of sharing fake videos or extra-terrestrials by rival alien spotter“. [a]

“I just need to stay clear of saying he’s faking them,” says the author. But it is claimed in the headline, in other words a lame excuse for not publishing the supporting documents.

The author has deliberately left out all evidence provided on February 8, 2017, and replaced the crucial evidence with content originating from the alleged UFO hoaxer.

Spoliation of evidence

The intentional, reckless, or negligent withholding, hiding, altering, fabricating, or destroying of evidence is spoliation of evidence. Quoting a claim is worthless without proof.

This proves that the news media tabloid “The Sun” lies to people by leaving out important facts from the story to foster misconception and refuses to correct it.

In short, the tabloid is doing us a favor by proving that “The Sun” falls under the category “Fake News” by publishing deliberately disinformation with the intention to keep the notorious hoaxer as friend.

In fact, the notorious hoaxer gets the privilege to respond “for legal reasons”. A day later, the following story was published. Source [a]

“Libel is a published false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation; a written defamation”

On February 21, 2017, “The Sun’s” author Hamill published a patronizing article.

Facts about the second article

  • The author has never informed Heathcliff
  • The author refuses to use evidence but used material from Lions Ground without permission
  • The Sun is not licensed to use Heathcliff’s content and therefore “The Sun” is guilty of violating Heathcliff’s exclusive copyrights
  • The nature of this story is to pollute the first publication – Cointelpro
  • The intent of this publication is to ridicule Heathcliff’s reputation
  • The satire video is taken out of context and added to alleged defaming story
  • False claims are published about Heathcliff, which is defamation

In response to this publication in “The Sun” Heathcliff has telephoned the author of this tabloid.

Key points of this conversation

  • Four times reminded to include the evidence
  • Five times reminded to include the feedback on the second story
  • Author is very focused on the numbers and publicity
  • Heathcliff has indicated that this is not important but the truth
  • Author promised to work on this

“During the phone call The Sun is four times reminded to add the evidence, five times reminded to add the feedback. This never happened.”


Following all the available evidence it is clear that “The Sun” is a propaganda platform. The author was not required to collaborate but proceeded under false pretenses. This is a big statement how manipulative and fake the media really is.

In case “The Sun” consider take legal actions

Due to the fact “The Sun” is guilty of violating Heathcliff’s rights, he’s forced to defend himself. The fact that he is a resident of Spain, the Spanish law is applicable:

  • Online Privacy Law: Spain – B. Right to Consent
    The processing of data and their transfer to third parties are allowed only with the prior consent of the data subject,[22] except under certain statutorily described circumstances that include the following:B. Right to Consent: Processing for the benefit of the data subject’s life or health;
  • Spanish Constitutional Tribunal/1999 Data Protection Act:
    Consent will not be required where personal data is gathered by a party to a contract or pre-contract in a business, employment or administrative relationship and is required for the maintenance or enforcement of such relationship; also, where the treatment of such data has the aim of satisfying a legitimate interest pursued by the person party to the recording or a third party whom is given the recording.


This case is handled independent and impartial by Lions Ground with the intention to correct the party in question, if necessary, take action under the name #OPVespaMandarinia. No 3rd party exercise any influence on this case.

On February 23, 2017, Secureteam10 has sent an e-mail as requested on Youtube. Lions Ground will ‘not’ disclose the communication as indicated. The communication consists out of eight emails, the message is clear, “change your method or Secureteam10 will be reported as fake news with leading evidence” which can result in termination of the Adsense account and negative impact on SEO.

Communication was positive, Lions Ground hopes Secureteam10 fulfill his promises. On March 9, 2017, Lions Ground will review Secureteam10’s content once again. This is about content published on February 24, 2017, to March 9, 2017.


On Nov 19, 2014, Secure Team, Secureteam10 or Tyler video published “GIANT BODY BEHIND SATURN ENTERING SOLAR SYSTEM – coverup” see Which has since been removed from the moment DazzDaCameraman confronted him. Tyler has recorded a script, he distorted his voice by lowering the pitch and claims in the video in question that this is a whistleblower.

Lions Ground decided to go a step further. First, you hear the so-called whistleblower (original) first, followed by the corrected version where you hear that this is about Tyler. Then, we compare a few words of the corrected version with that of the available videos on the official YouTube channel of Secureteam10.

  1. ALIEN TESTING? Stunned Residents See UFO Near Military Base! 5/28/16
    The word “Footage”
  2. NASA Scientist: Alien Ships “Proliferating” Around Saturn! 8/22/16
    The word “Saturn”
  3. GIANT UFO Tracked Passing Jupiter By Shocked Astronomer! Alien Coverup 6/12/16
    The word “Astronomers”
  4. Something Big Came OUT Of A Black Hole Recently! Scientists Baffled 3/15/16
    The word “Black Hole”

For more info or source file visit our Google drive [1,2].


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