Steven Greer’s Lies Exposed By Lawyer

From people like Lue Elizondo who has now admitted to the disclosure project lawyer Daniel Sheehan that he was not telling the public the truth this is exactly the definition of irony when someone makes claims that a group of people spread lies but that person lies about those group of people using someone to fabricate a story.

Daniel Sheehan reacts harshly and clearly to Steven Greer‘s documentary the Cosmic Hoax he says he has nothing to do with attacks on Chris Mellon and Lue Elizondo.

The cosmic hoax is a recently released documentary by Steven Greer. Briefly explained this is about disinformation about UFOs spread by certain key figures parallel with the mainstream media.

Steven Greer made strong statements about for example Lue Elizondo in which he involves Daniel Sheehan. We once communicated with Daniel Sheehan and he is a good lawyer known for a numbers legal cases of public interest including the Pentagon Papers case and he is a professional and a humble person.

Daniel Sheehan states on his Facebook that he agreed to an interview to bring awareness to the American public and American policy makers to accept the fact that UFOs are real but according to sheer parts of the interview were cut out and intentionally used in the wrong context in the Cosmic Hoax.

In a clip Steven Greer talks about the relationship between Sheer and Lue Elizondo. This is different from people like Lue Elizondo who has now admitted to the disclosure project lawyer Daniel Sheehan that he was not telling the public the truth that there was a threat from the aliens or UFOs.

If he were to say there’s a threat to the national security from the unacknowledged special access projects that have these very advanced technologies that would be true that’s not what he’s saying. so he needs to correct his statement or we will continue to expose this lie that’s the same thing for leslie keane same thing for jeremy corbell same thing for nick pope same thing for chris mellon daniel sheehan writes the following on facebook

“I am issuing this official public statement to make it unequivocally clear that I do NOT agree with Dr. Steven Greer’s theory that the recent confirmation, by our U.S. Defense Department, that a clear majority of the 2004 to 2017 reports of UFOs are “REAL physical vehicles” is part of some secret plan on the part of our National Security State Bureaucracy to stage some imminent “False Flag” “Fake Alien Invasion”.

Nor do I agree with Dr. Steven Greer’s public assertions that either Lue Elizondo or Chris Mellon are part of any such covert plan.

I, instead, am firmly convinced that both Lue Elizondo and Chris Mellon are engaged in an entirely good-faith effort to expose the fact that some members of our United States Government are in possession of information that reveals not only that UFOs are REAL, but that the significant majority of the experts within our United States Government who are “briefed in” on any significant portion of the information that our government agencies possess regarding the UFO (or UAP) phenomenon hold a good-faith and well-founded belief that a substantial portion of the reliably-reported sightings of UFOs are, indeed, “off-world vehicles” of an “Extra-Terrestrial” origin.

And I expressly stated my disagreement with Dr. Greer’s representations to the contrary in my April 24th Interview.

But this statement was edited “out” of my interview. And what I said about the “Cabal” that is secreting this information. Was inserted into Dr. Greer’s attack on Lue Elizondo and Chris Mellon – that made it look like I was attributing them some role in Dr. Greer’s projected “Planned Fake Alien Invasion.”

I want it made clear that I am expressly publicly DIS-agreeing with Dr. Greer’s characterization of Luís Elizondo and Christopher Mellon. And I am publicly stating that my statements of April 24th, 2021 made about an entirely different “unconstitutional Cabal” were placed out of context in the documentary film entitled “The Great Hoax” which gave the false impression that I was indicating that I believed that my own client, Lue Elizondo, as well as Mr. Christopher Mellon were privy to – and part of – such an unconstitutional conspiracy. They are NOT.”

Our findings on Lue Elizondo and Mr. Christopher Mellon are based on facts and we do not approve what Steven Greer has done and destroys not only his credibility but also the long-standing positive relationship between Sheer and Greer, if this is true, Steven Greer faked stuff up like a hoaxer.

We asked Steven Greer to respond to Sheer statements you’ll be the first to hear it here at Lions Ground.


I call b[REDACTED]t…… Dr. Geer has given up his life for this pretty much like Phil Schneider has in the past it’s time to wake up people!!! How are United States government is corrupted beyond measures!!!

First of all, if you want to use my site, you must respect the rules. Your antisocial language, not here, do that at home.

Second of all, Dr. Greer says are the most common cliché things that believers like to hear but he doesn’t say anything new. He just spreads disinformation, shares a photo of a tree and says it’s an alien. He makes documentaries together with top hoaxers Thirdphase of Moon and the documentaries don’t work.

Name one thing Greer did for the community?

Dr Greer`s opinions are always very shocking. There is a big or huge discrepency, between his statements, and claims made by others. But verything is possible.
Mr. Elizondo was very interesting when showed up for the first time, but rather disappointing after some time. If we take a look for example at Nick Pope, the content of his statements we may see a big difference, also in the quality of the content.
Look, the Congress Citizen Hearings from 2012 or 2013, and May 2022 Congerss hearings of the intelligence officials testimonies, which are at least hilarious. There is already overwhelming material available publicly and now in Congress appear people who seem to know less than school kids.
Again hearings and testimonies given on oath in 2012 are very different from the testimonies of today`s UFO celebrities in the mainstream media. So frankly Elisando and others are less than scratch. if we compare them to 2012 event, but somehow they represent most powerful org on the Earth, right? Pentagon with the biggest budget of the world! So f.e. Nick Pope who had much less support could say much much more. Why?
I do not say that Elizando is a false flag, this simply I do not know. But everything is possible. And the last thing. The `national security threat` from the UFO etc it. is sheer nonsense. Why? they are around for decades and definitely are in possesion of extremly advanced tech. If they are any threat we would be already their slaves and the Earth would be their very officially, etc. etc. etc.

We have to keep an open mind. Though Steven Greer has perhaps edited his film to coincide with his beliefs, there certain a good amount of hesitancy with regard to trusting the government as it seems as if it’s going down a very narrow narrative and obfuscates much which has played out in our last 60 years-plus of the ufo phenomenon of the twentieth century. I disagree (as does Michael Salla) with Greer in that all off-worlders are benevolent beings. That’s not to say that I’m going with the incessant attempt to couple it with some national security threat. So you see, no viewpoint is to be trusted absolutely here. I feel the DeLonge and Elizando are indeed being Co-opted by those in the government who may be affiliated with nefarious deepstate cabal forces to lead us to a false understanding of those visiting Earth. Eyes wide open. Time will tell…

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