Steven Cambian slams UFO giant ThirdphaseofMoon after platforming fake Dr. Jonathan Reed on DrJ Radio Live

UFO conspiracy channel ThirdphaseofMoon has been blasted by one of its most famous critics after a fake doctor named Dr. Jonathan Reed (Jonathan Bradley Rutter) appeared on Drj Radio Live.

The pair have been subject to criticism over their recent claims that Dr. Jonathan Reed appeared on DrJ Radio Live, where he discussed his alien VHS video tape.

ThirdphaseofMoon helped him by going in his live chat and telling people the story is true because Jaime Maussan said so.

“We spoke with Jaimie Maussan about Dr. Reeds Case. Jaimie Massan has confirmed that his story is real. Jaime told us that they tested the area around the oblisk and it was radio active,” ThirdPhaseofMoon said in the live chat.

However, according to Steven Cambian Dr. Reed is no doctor at all and he pointed out that Dr. Reed’s teleportation video contains sound effects from the Hollywood blockbuster movie Eyes Wide Shut starring Tom Cruise.

Why did Steve Cambian of Truthseekers devote an entire live stream to this topic?

Steven Cambian, of Truthseekers, took to his YouTube channel yesterday to express his anger at the UFO conspiracy channel for giving Dr. Reed a platform.

“I did the story because the fake Doctor Jonathan Reed has popped back up recently,” Cambian told Lions Ground. “Profit driven show hosts have invited him to come on their show and lie to people. I think that should be stopped,” Steven Cambian said.

In an attempt to defend themselves against Steven’s claims about Reed being fake, DrJ Radio Live and ThirdphaseofMoon attended the livestream joining the live chat. “Do some damn research before you talk shit bro no idea what you’re speaking about,” DrJ Radio Live said.

“Hey Dr. J did you check his education? Its fake,” Cambian said in response.

However, it quickly became apparent that Dr. Jonathan Reed is deceptive. His story has been at the center of controversy since it was reported on Paranormal Files – FACT or Faked, a show that investigates claims of alien abductions and other paranormal events.

ThirdPhaseofMoon have been subject to widespread criticism over their UFO videos

The pair have been subject to widespread criticism over their UFO claims. Steven Cambian has taken aim at the channel during his livestream.

Cambian says that ThirdPhaseofMoon are hoaxers and he has shown a debunking video of Lions Ground in which he shows that the claims being made by these channels are not true. He also aimed at ThirdPhaseofMoon’s sidekicks such as Rich Giordano, of GUFON, to accuse of being a fraud.

“I started an argument with ThirdPhase. I don’t like fakers, fraudsters, and hoaxers. Apparently neither does Rich, unless they are paying him or helping him to get him where he’s at. Of course there’s no way he would gotten the number of subscribers that he did without sucking stupid people out of ThirdphaseofFake,” Cambian said.

“I don’t like him working for ThirdPhase. That’s very problematic we agree to disagree. I never busted his balls about working for the biggest UFO fraud hoax channel on YouTube until he’s started this crap with me,” Cambian requoted Josh and Artemis.

ThirdphaseofMoon’s reputation

The UFO channel ThirdPhaseofMoon has indeed a bad reputation for fakery and conspiracy theories, but this time it seems that the internet is losing patience with them.

The YouTube channel that has been exposed by fact checkers in the past and debunked by UFO researchers, has been exposed once again. This time, it’s not just UFO researchers who are calling out the channel—it’s normal internet users who have seen through the fakery that ThirdPhaseofMoon is notorious for.

In our video of Jun 2, 2022 called “DEBUNKING Latest UFO Videos From Thirdphaseofmoon,” we debunked their latest recent UFO publications to see if they are really changed as GUFON and UFO Proof years ago promised.

ThirdPhaseofMoon has been exposed for many times by various sources but it seems like it does not care about their reputation anymore.

Why do liars and fraud support each other?

Fraudulent people tend to support each other because they are motivated by greed. They seek out opportunities to make money, and they want to take advantage of those opportunities as much as possible. Fraudulent people are also motivated by power, so they like having a group of people around them who will back them up in any situation.

For example, if one person finds an opportunity to make money through fraud and another person knows about it but doesn’t tell anyone else, the first person may decide not to tell anyone else about the opportunity because he doesn’t want to lose the opportunity himself. In this case, some fraudulent people might be willing to lie or manipulate other people just so they don’t have to give up their own chance for financial gain.

Liars and frauds can be very dangerous people to be around. They tend to support each other, as they are both attempting to gain something by manipulating the truth. Liars tend to seek out others who lie in order to feel better about themselves, or to make their own lies seem more believable. Frauds have a similar motivation, but instead of wanting to feel better about themselves, they are trying to gain money or power through manipulation.

The reason that they support each other is because liars and frauds are often able to get away with their activities for longer periods of time if they do not tell anyone about it. This is because many people would not believe them if they were told about what was happening—which would mean that no one would stop them from continuing with their activities!


ThirdphaseofMoon is a great example of why I get so frustrated with the UFO community. They are responsible for spreading misinformation and disinformation about UFOs, which is why I have taken such an active role in trying to expose them as frauds. To their credit they do not claim to be experts or even researchers, but they do make claims that are not backed up by any evidence and that’s something we should all be wary of when it comes down to it.

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