Alien abductee Stan Romanek GUILTY of 1 child pornography charge


The 54-year-old Loveland man Stan Romanek has found guilty of a felony possession of child pornography but not for spreading child pornography. The 12-member jury decided that there was enough evidence against alien abduction author Stanley Romanek that he was knowingly in possession of child pornography but not knowingly distributing it through an internet file sharing program.

“There’s nothing magical, nothing mysterious about it. … The evidence is all in front of you, completely there,” Deputy District Attorney Mitch Murray said.

“The case is very simple and that the child pornography found on Romanek’s computer made it there through Romanek’s purposeful actions,” says Murray in closing statements.

Conspiracy ‘theories’

The pedophile supporters shamelessly ignore the facts and claim without any proof that it was planted “Government operatives planting the child pornography found on Romanek’s computer because of his self-reported knowledge about extraterrestrial life”.

Romanek tried to bring the UFO story to court but that had no influence on the case.

“Bringing in statements about UFO investigations were not relevant to the case,” Romanek’s defense attorney Elizabeth McClintock said.

Romanek was previously caught on a lie, but according to Stan’s fans he would be forced to say this.

The video above attracted fans of Stan as a magnet. The video received factless comments such as thoughts, theories, and inhuman insults towards the video creator because they can not handle the truth.

The Stan Romanek Case

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It’s unclear the sentence Romanek will face. Most likely it will end with a plea agreement and will be registered as a sex offender. Romanek’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. Oct. 19.

Is Stan Romanek found guilty of a felony possession of child pornography?
100 %
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