Stan Romanek admits FAKING “Alien Activity” During Interview

Stan Romanek admits FAKING
Credits: Peter Maxwell Slattery

In an earlier video, a Youtuber is exposed who hoaxed cancer and went away with the money and today he is active as a debunker while he is not innocent and a UFO hunter.

“Asking the question now, what’s up with those UFO conspiracy theorists” because this article is about an author and proclaimed Alien abductee, Stan Romanek.

Born on December 1, 1962 in Denver, Colorado.

His book appeared on the shelves in 2011 – “Messages: The World’s Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story”, where for the first time on paper. His personal first UFO sightings and his alien abductions are being relived.

His second book, “Answers: The World’s Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story Continues,” in 2012, is a sequel to his first book in which he also answers who we are, humanity.

In 2013, the Documentary “Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story” was released. A documentary about who else, Stan.

369 people left a review on IMDb, A low score of 4.2

It was not until 2017 that it was featured on Netflix. The same month when Stan has to appear to court for very serious cases.
The Larimer County District Attorney’s Office indicates that Stan should appear on July 31 at 8:30 AM for:

  • Sex Exploitation of Child – Video
    This means he has owned video material.
  • Sexual Exploitation of Child – Sell / Publish
    This means that photos or videos have been downloaded or published.

Some people claim, among other things, Stan and his wife claims a conspiracy has been organized to silence this UFO truther.

“In a visit by Peter Maxwell at Stan’s home, he talks about the accusation. Just tell me what you think of this? This video is from the Youtube channel Peter Maxwell Slattery.”

I understand that “Peter Maxwell Slattery” wants to make a video, but it seems based on the video he believed Stan.

But if that were the case then Steven Greer would also be a prey of this mean dark elite. Greer has testimonies from a lot of officials, that said, a serious threat to the elite who conceals everything for us. But nothing happens.

Whether he is found guilty of having child pornography may be clear at the end of July.

Child porn

In 2008, homeland security special agent Darrel Franklin traced images from a peer-to-peer network that brings directly to Romanek’s IP address.

“Stanley Romanek, a 51 year-old Loveland resident was arrested earlier today on charges filed by the Loveland Police in connection with a long term investigation. Romanek turned himself in at the Larimer County Jail this morning on charges of Sexual Exploitation of a Child, a class IV Felony and Sexual Exploitation of a Child, a class III Felony. The class III felony alleges distribution of child pornography and the class IV felony relates to the possession of more than 20 images of child pornography.

The warrant issued by the court authorized no bond to be posted. Mr. Romanek currently remains in custody after an appearance before the Court where his bond was modified to a Personal Recognizance Bond of $20,000.00. Romanek was arrested on a warrant that was issued on February 12, 2014. The warrant was further progression of an eight month long investigation of the online sharing and possession of child pornography that included the execution of a search warrant in April, 2013. The search warrant was executed at Romanek‚Äôs home and followed several tips that were provided by Homeland Security that were then investigated further by Loveland Police Detectives and the Northern Colorado Regional Forensics Laboratory.”

In 2013, child pornography was traced back to Romanek’s computer again.

“The pictures contained images of girls that spanned an age range of approximately 5 years old to approximately 12 years old. In each of these photos, the girls are posed in a seductive manner and are exposing their breasts and genitalia. Several of these girls are very young and unmistakably children.”

April 2013, lead investigator Brian Koopman discovered that Stan had formatted his computer. But found a USB loaded with hundreds of child porn movies and similar dirty videos on a laptop, he was re-arrested in February 2014.

These are very serious accusations such a thing is not a conspiracy theory but these are serious accusations.

Despite that, Stan, his wife, and his fans are denying this. He claims to be hacked. But no single claim can be powered with smoking gun proof. Maybe he’s very unlucky? But I don’t base this video on maybe’s.

I have shown you a fragment of Peter Maxwell Slattery but did you know that Stan lied in a previous interview with the serious Peter Maxwell right in the camera against Peter and all the viewers?

Here is the first fragment. And share your thoughts on this in the comment section.

Here you can see clearly his thumb launching an object, for this he had to exorcise some force which you can read on his face, a polite cough in advance.

The following fragment, also from the same interview, 11 minutes later. His face speaks volumes, his eyes blink and squeeze because they see the object is heading towards him. So then you also know what direction it comes from, not from above Stan.

In a later interview with Peter Maxwell, he confessed that he had hoaxed during the previous interview with Peter Maxwell. But there is a but, he explained that he was intimidated by the authorities to discredit himself.

In 2009, ABC News asked him to submit the alien implant in his leg for a medical examination but suddenly it has disappeared from his body.

Then he came with a self-recorded footage. Probably shot in his kitchen or room. He puts a camera on a tripod facing the window as if he expects something. You see a bright light outside and there you have “Boo” the alien.

The Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research group recreated this for a lousy $90. Let’s check it out first.

Now let’s put them next to each other. Looks similar isn’t? What do you think?

Stan Romanek

If you like him or not, all the facts work to his disadvantage.

  • He has serious allegations about child pornography, child porn has been found and he denies that. Do you expect he will openly say to everyone “Yes, I’m guilty.”
  • He has lied in the face of Peter Maxwell and all viewers by not hoaxing once but twice during the interview
  • He confesses that he hoaxed but not entirely but instead he accused the authorities. So, he actually just denies it.
  • His evidence is the world’s famous consumables by hoaxers and are easy to recreate like crop circles,
  • He would be attacked at his front door. As a result of the investigation, it seemed that he accused the police by owning a piece of cut-out breast pocket from a police uniform.

Do you still think Stan Romanek speaks truthfully despite these facts or do you think he is unreliable and guilty? Let it know in the comment section below.

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