Secureteam10 Tyler Glockner – Serial Hoaxer and Fraud

Secureteam10 Tyler Glockner - Serial Hoaxer and Fraud

Secureteam10 is a UFO-related Youtube channel found by Tyler Glockner based in Portsmouth, Ohio. This case contains evidence on the Youtube channel in question for deliberately spreading disinformation, creating hoax content and fraudulent practices.

Tyler Glockner joined Youtube on May 24, 2011, and has uploaded almost 1,000 videos and has almost reached 1.6 million subscribers. The views plus subscribers are in a rising trend. Secureteam10’s success may be celebrated but how can you be proud if Glockner’s success is based on systematic lies?

Our method, three times is a charm presenting new evidence based on content published in 2018 and not based on old evidence. We let bygones be bygones because everyone can change and deserves a second chance. Has Secureteam10 changed and did he embraced his second chance?

Secureteam10 – Is This An Alien Satellite In Deep Space?

In a 10-minute video, Secureteam10 presents the MUFON UFO case #91964. The headline is a question, the content is the answer. Tyler and/or his ‘research team’ insist that they are investigating UFO cases. But is that true? The video don’t support the original statement, in fact the statement is taken out of context.

“I was in my backyard doing astrophotography. my subjects that night were a pair of galaxies in the spring sky, ngc4631 and ngc4656 in the constellation canes venatici. my equipment was a 103mm apochromatic refractor and a canon eos 6d dslr. i was shooting 3 minute sub frames at the time. the object appeared on one of my subframes as it crossed thru the field of view. my first impression was that it was some satellite or high flying aircraft. one of my submitted photos shows how far the object moved across the frame during this particular 3 minute exposure. i just continued shooting more 3 minute frames of the galaxy field with the intention of deleting this frame from my total set of 15 frames to be stacked later for the final picture. the object never appeared in any of my other frames and i did not see anything like it again that night. note: the dimensions of the galaxy the object flew by ( ngc4631 ) is approx. 10′ x 1.5′ of arc. so the object would have been quite small. its astronomical magnitude was estimated at 8.0,” says the witness.

Did the witness mentioned alien satellite or UFO? No, this was deliberately misrepresented by Secureteam10. The witness can not identify the object and sends it to the UFO organization MUFON to find answers.

Secureteam10 Alien Satellite Debunked
Debunked by Mick West of

The content complements the claim in question “Is this an alien satellite?” but the factual answer is no. This is about the belly of an airplane, the two engines are clearly visible.

The video in question has been published on May 13, 2018, and the conclusion is that no research has been conducted but instead deliberately received an alien label to make the story saleable. This is evident in tabloid publications.

Secureteam10 – The Don’t Want The Truth Out

April 23, 2018, Secureteam10 published the video “They Do Not Want The Truth Out” in which Tyler Glockner explains in detail that he receives a lot of dislikes in the first few minutes and hatred comments. According to Tyler, this is related to a kind of counterintelligence apparatus but unfortunately, this turns out to be a hoax. Secureteam10 has made big mistakes in the video. The alleged deleted video is available below.

At the time stamp 5:23 Tyler talks about haters while he shows the about section of Jay El33t. The channel description edit button shows that Tyler of Secureteam10 has been logged in with the hater’s account. Tyler explains in his reaction video to demonstrate that the accounts of counterintelligence apparatus all comply with one profile, no information, no followers, nothing and that people took this out of context and use it against him.

In the alleged video “They Do Not Want The Truth Out” not only the edit button was visible but also the creation date of the channel. The channel JAY EL33T was created on April 12th, 2018. The video “They Do Not Want The Truth Out” is published 11 days later namely April 23rd. The dates should be closer together. This fact compliments the accusations that he is in possession of fake accounts which is evident in his video.

“Question Everything”

Why would you put so much effort and go through all the troubles while he has 288,955 comments under review as evident at 5:40?

Afterward, Lions Ground discovered another big mistake. In his video “They Do Not Want The Truth Out” at the time stamp 6:06 he shows a hate comment of “Angry Truthseeker”. Actual evidence has shown that Tyler is behind Angry Truthseeker.There, too, he makes the same mistake as with Jay El33t, namely He has forgotten to log out.

Evident in the following demonstration video.

Here are the facts:

  • The comment was not held under review. This is evident by two facts: Your own comments and pinned comments never end up under review.
  • The second fact is that the comment of Angry Truthseeker is ranked under the pinned comment of Secureteam10 and above hi-rated comments.
  • Third fact, the comments are arranged on “top comments” as evident in the pull down menu in the top left corner.

While Secureteam10 stands for the truth and promotes to question everything, he himself is guilty of suppressing the truth evident by publishing the hoax video in question, removing it afterward because he was exposed by Lions Ground, and then to block Lions Ground who question everything. On May 6, 2018, Tyler tried to suppress the truth again by putting a copyright claim on one of Lions Ground’s video on Dailymotion as evident in this email.

In addition to this, he is also guilty of mainstream media anti Russia propaganda by intentionally portraying Russia while he talks about the internet attacks originating from counterintelligence apparatus.

Secureteam10 – Are They Trying To Hide This?

I‘m going to circle where the object is,” says Tyler in the video of Mar 19, 2018. The Italian debunker UFO of Interest discovered that Secureteam10 stole the video material from a Youtube channel without leaving credits. Better, he says he has made the circle himself.

This has been shown by the following evidence below.

The original video is uploaded by Trippy123 on January 31, 2010. Secureteam10 avoids a copyright violation because the material used in the original video originates from a public domain.

Secureteam10’s Men in Black Story

The MIB story of Tyler is only credible if he is not a serial hoaxer. It is obvious that you have to take the words of this big Youtuber with a grain of salt. Finally, if the MIB agents really wanted to make him disappear, it would have already happened a long time ago. They definitely won’t let him grow to a gigantic large hoax channel.

The MIB scene, where Secureteam10 claims he is being watched by men in black. Location is traced via license plate. Google Maps is subject to public service and the information does not violates Glockner’s privacy.


Did you know that Tyler donated $600.00 —with the donation money he received from his Patreon supporters— to a criminal who faked terminal cancer and went off with the money, called UFO Proof?

What Tyler does with his money is not our business but the story change when he uses donation money on goals where a person with common sense does not support. The Patrons — people who support Secureteam10 financially on Patreon — are not aware that $600.00 of their money has been spent on a criminal who faked cancer.

On March, 28,  2017, Tyler started to support Lions Ground financially on Patreon. It is suspected that he has become a member of Lions Ground’s Patreon page to keep Lions Ground as a friend. However, Lions Ground was not aware that Tyler Glockner was behind the fake account “Tyler Durden” until he mailed Lions Ground end last year that he is behind the alleged account and wish to continue to support Lions Ground at Due to security issues with Patreon Lions Ground left and created its own platform instead. A number of members, loyal followers, and debunkers have personally been informed by Lions Ground about this situation.

Glockner knew that Lions Ground is suffering a lot as the result of the Youtube boycott and hoped to play Lions Ground that way. But Lions Ground is not for sale. Tyler Glockner of Secureteam10 discovered on April 29, 2018 the hard way. Glockner ended his financial support.

Blackmail & Bribery

“I’m sure people will love the hypocrisy in that, knowing you happily accepted cash from a “hoaxer” as you call me. Funny right?,” says Tyler in one of his emails.

  1. In the beginning Lions Ground was not aware that this was about Tyler
  2. It’s his money, better to spend on a debunker than a cancer hoaxer
  3. People were informed about this
  4. Lions Ground remained unbiased no matter risking the chance losing his financial support

“You’re so stupid you think money can buy everything,” is the response of Lions Ground.