Sunday, April 18, 2021

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Is the Secureteam10 911 call real?

Very interesting new developments regarding Secureteam10

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Today Lions Ground received a 911 call recording of Tyler Glockner’s son calling the emergence line to report domestic violence. Is the Secureteam10 911 call real?

True, the 911 call related to Tyler Glockner from the YouTube channel Secureteam10 is real. Mount Vernon Police Department has confirmed this to Lions Ground on November the 3rd.

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The YouTube channel Rumor Research Lab Ltd. requested Mount Vernon Police Department in Ohio information on Tyler Glockner from the UFO YouTube channel Secureteam10 under the Freedom of Information act. As the result of this request the police released a report for the arrest and the audio 911 file.

Secureteam10 911 call

The son calls 911 to seek help from the police. In the background you can hear the grim negative atmosphere of domestic violence. You hear, among other things, the former partner yelling at Glockner: “I wish you were dead”.

Secureteam10/911 Call Domestic Violence click here for transcript

Kelly Borders tells police she told Tyler Glockner to leave the house because, according to her words, he “kicked the shit out of me”.

This escalated into poisonous domestic violence. Glockner punched her in the stomach so she punched him back. Tyler said “oh you wanna hit me” and punched her in the face. She fell and the abuse continued, according to the police report.

Police report



On Tuesday, November 3, 2020 Lions Ground contacted the Mount Vernon Police Department to verify the documentation and audio file for legitimacy.

Sgt. Andrew Burns administrative supervisor at Mount Vernon Police Department told Lions Ground the police report and 911 audio file is legitimate.


The police report is consistent with the dash cam video capturing Glockner intoxicated. While Glockner claims in one of his earlier videos that he suddenly woke up in his car caused by something mysterious.

Driving under the influence of alcohol causes many fatal traffic accidents every year.

August 7 is the last time people heard from Tyler Glockner. To date, the YouTuber has not published content. His fans are disappointed.

His followers theorize all kinds of conspiracy theories such as kidnap by men in black or green aliens.

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Martin Rivard
3 months ago

wow… keep hitting… hope u feel good for it… tell me u never did so bad in ur own life?? whatever.. it was his private life….mhm..ive no good to say,.. nun positive to tell bout you on this attack srsly.. ufology aint bout tylers privacy.. thats bad what u did too.. mhmm k bye im better to shut … 🙂

Last edited 3 months ago by Martin Rivard

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