Secret Space Plane X-37B Spotted Over the Netherlands

Secret Space Plane X-37B Spotted Over the Netherlands

The secret space plane X-37B was spotted over the Dutch city Leiden in April. Despite the American government does not reveal the whereabouts of this secret plane, the Dutch spy sat tracker and asteroid discoverer Dr. Marco Langbroek is absolutely sure that this is about the infamous Boeing X-37.

The theory has been confirmed with the help of the launch location, date, and the orbital direction of OTV 5 and Zuma, according to Langbroek. The official story tells the launch of Zuma failed due to the malfunction of the payload adapter that connected Zuma to the Falcon 9’s second stage.

“As can be clearly seen, the orbital plane we established for the object we have been tracking the past few days, for this date and timelines up with the launch site, and it is oriented into the correct direction(southwest to northeast). This strongly indicates that the object we track is from the OTV 5 launch, —says Langbroek.

X-37 B

Langbroek recorded the moment the X-37 B flew over Leiden on camera. The secretive spacecraft flew at that moment with an average of 300 kilometer over the Dutch city.


Langbroek explains in his blog that he is not confused with the classified US government satellite Zuma. The orbital plane of the OTV 5 and Zuma are placed next to each other to disprove the argument it’s about the US secretive satellite. ZUMA’s orbital plane does not line up and is in the wrong azimuth, he explains. While the orbit of OTV 5 fully compliments the X-37B claim.

“If we do the same for the Zuma launch, we do not get a good match. Zuma was launched by SpaceX on 8 Jan 2018 at 01:00 UT from Cape Canaveral pad 40, — concludes Langbroek.

Secret Space Plane X-37B

The Boeing X-37 or X-37B is an unmanned and reusable spacecraft controlled by the United States Air Force. In 2010 Tom Burghard wrote for Space Daily that the space plane can be used as a spy satellite, to deliver weapons from space, and to eliminate enemy satellites.


Dr. Marco Langbroek has been asked if we can use his material for our Youtube channel. Langbroek has not responded to our request. Also conspiracy debunker Scott Brando has been asked for his expertise. The Italian debunker has not yet responded.