Satellites Track Mysterious Ocean Giant Shark

Satellites Track Mysterious Ocean Giant Shark

A new tracking technology is being used to monitor the mysterious large Basking sharks in migration activities with the help of satellites because the wonderful shark species are about to extinct.

The APECS organization tagged four giant ocean monsters this year, that way the research team can trace the sharks with satellites.

“I just saw the tip of his fin, one moment it grazed the front of the boat, which made me laugh because my boat is barely five and a half meters and the shark was eight, –said Quemere.

Researchers in the western French region of Brittany spotted 77 Basking sharks in France last year from February to September. Most are spotted in the Bay of Biscay and the Mediterranean.

One tagged female was tracked off the coast of northern Scotland on September 20, 2016, and four months later tracked south of the Canary Islands. By May 2017 the shark was back in the Bay of Biscay, south of Brittany.

Giant ocean monster

The large ocean monster weighing up to 13,000 pounds makes a scary impression, but it is, in fact, the most innocent shark.

It has a large mouth filled with microscopic teeth. Why he has teeth is unknown because he feeds on plankton.

The sea monster does not only swim in cold waters but this study has shown that this shark species is also found in warm areas.

Because the Basking shark can grow up to 8 meters long, it makes the second largest fish on earth. The largest fish species is the Rhincodon typus or the whale shark which can reach a total body length of almost 13 meters.

The great white shark can be 6.4 meters long to give you an impression of how long the Basking shark truly is.

According to a 2013 study, about 100 million sharks a year are killed by humans. We have to worry about that.