Russell Brand slams British royal ‘lizard Illuminati’ family

Russell Brand slams British royal 'lizard Illuminati' family

British comedian Russell Brand puts his mind about the British royal ‘lizard Illuminati‘ family.

He says the British monarchy cost around 299 million pounds (418 million euros) per year. That’s about nine times as many as reported by the Royal Household, said the actor in his YouTube show The Trews.

The figures were provided by Republic, a pressure group against the monarchy. The hold official figures are according to Fire disregard the protection and royal visits.

Last year the British royal family became into disrepute when it appeared that the two cuisines of Kensington castle were adapted at the expense of the taxpayer.

Fire further refers to a report which states that it is the assertion of VisitBritain that the British royals produce 500 million pounds (700 million euros) a year to inbound tourism, is just made up.

He has a rigorous solution in mind: throw them out of their castles, put them in a glass house so that we can look at them and use Buckingham Palace as a shelter for the homeless.

Brand called his countrymen for the parliamentary elections earlier this month to vote for Ed Miliband and Labour. Fire Britons previously called not to vote yet, because he himself has never done it.

“I do not think there’s anything funny about what the Conservatives do to this country and we need to stop them,” said Brand. “You have to vote for Labour, the Conservatives should disappear from the government of this country.”