President Trump Slammed by Rihanna and Axl Rose for Using Their Music At Rallies.

Imagine this will happen to you. An artist does not want you to play their music for political reasons.

This happened exactly with Donald Trump.

Rihanna prohibits Trump for playing her music at political events.

In a video during one of his rallies you hear the song “Don’t Stop The Music” while Trump is exiting his plane.


Rihanna is not amused and immediately drew a red line and writes clear language on Twitter

She clearly states that she and her people do not support Trump. Trump’s also opted for Aerosmith’s “Dream On” and “Livin ‘on the Edge”.

Steven Tyler points to the Lanham Act. Trump would give a false impression that artists support him.

Axl Rose talks about the unauthorized use of their music and should not be used in Trump events. Other artists prohibit that their music is being played at political events, artists such as Neil Young and Adele.

Well, the question is. Can Trump play music without permission of the artist?


It is understandable that artists do not want to give the impression that they support a certain political party, in this case, Donald Trump. But morality is not written in the law and is not the law.

When you play music in public than we talk about music performance. Royalties must be paid that eventually ends up with the artist(they talk or referring to members). The payouts are made by organizations such as ASCAP or BMI and Rihanna is an ASCAP member.

This means that she or her spokesperson has agreed that all “music users” can play their music regardless of the nature of the location or event.

This can be at the butcher, but also during political events.

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith refers to the Lanham Act which prohibits any false designation or misleading description or representation of fact. Because Donald Trump plays music and nothing more, there is no question of deception. If you say something you have to prove it.

Playing music is no proof that people are misled that the performer of the song supports Trump. However, it has also become apparent that there is no evidence that Trump claims in words or in writing that artists support him.

Music is used in politics to bring a certain message, a statement. Like “Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen.


The artists are obliged to stop blocking Trump’s music choice as long as the royalties are paid.

By prohibiting Trump we’re talking about favoritism. There is also something called political freedom, a concept that protects us against freedom from oppression.

Beware, disliking an action does not allows you to oppress someone.

But an artist can express himself or herself about this. Expressing something is not the same as forbidding something.

For that reason, Donald Trump can play music in public without any oppression.