A short preface about the situation and future.

The Situation

Google and social media magnates tackle hate speech, fake news, and extreme content. At first, it sounds good, but in practice, it has turned out differently. In 2016, Lions Ground noticed the magnates together with the European Commission signed an agreement to tackle hate speech. The code of conduct is so vague that “hate speech” can literally be anything. Lions Ground warned the world from that moment and it turned out that the warning came true.

In 2017 they pushed the envelope the plan continued. The Youtube boycott where advertisers massively withdrew ads because the Adsense clients would sponsor extreme content through ad revenue. At least, that is the official story. Knowing that Google is actually a legal criminal that evades taxes and has supported terrorists. A-brands that advertise are not sacred themselves and tests have shown that they do not care at all.

The pad is made for mainstream media because they no longer have a grip due the fact no one is watching television anymore. Everyone has access to information which is a major disadvantage for the secret agenda. They are cleansing the internet.

The Future

Lions Ground had good faith in them for too long, but in practice, it has been shown that factual journalism is rewarded with censorship for the good work we deliver. This year Adsense attempt to control Lions Ground about a content claiming it’s against their TOS but Lions Ground is advertisement free (except for public information like black list) or Youtube that removes one of our videos for harassment, which means that important functions are disabled or shutting down the money tap to push Lions Ground publishing unimportant content.

The future of Lions Ground is literally in the hands of the people. Lions Ground can not survive without the help of our members.

Lions Ground wants to expand into a media company. We want to realize a television studio where news is being broadcast 24/7 without higher powers being able to exert any influence. A true independent media company.

That is why every help is very welcome. Becoming a member of Lions Ground brings us one step closer to our future.



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