Breaking News: Marbella target of criminal gang “Scout of Liverpool”

Marbella target of criminal gang

The nightlife of Puerto Banus, Marbella was startled yesterday by criminalized armed drugs dealers. Attempt to murder with firearms and several fights in one night.

“The Scout of Liverpool is a gang from England who operate in Marbella, they are involved with drugs and other illegal practises.”

Chaos in Puerto Banus, Marbella

The misery began at a Sport lounge bar around 10 o’clock in the evening when nightlife in the bustling Puerto Banus has to start.

For unknown reason, some British gang members began to cause troubles.

When the bouncer took action the gangster then held a gun to his head.

The gang members later on fled, leaving a chaos of destruction.

Eventually, the Spanish police arrived.


According to the witnesses four members of Scout of Liverpool were involved.

Three members of this group later on returned and took a terrace just a few blocks away where it all started.

The three members of Scout or Liverpool are arrested.


This publication has been deliberately censored. All names of witnesses, employees, companies and specific details have been left out for security reasons.

Not the first time

Two men from England, one of whom lives in Marbella, drove into pedestrians near Ocean Club and fled from the police and caused a terrible head-on collision.

Many people react with disgrace on English tourists:

  • “Fucking english motherfuckers, go away of Spain, fucking cunts! volved a vuestra puta isla de mierda hijos de la gran puta”
  • “Another english twat. Another one…”
  • “Wat minder Britten aan de Costa’s zou sowieso geen kwaad kunnen, de locals zijn vragende partij en gebeurtenissen zoals dit maken duidelijk waarom” translated : Little bit less English tourists wouldn’t harm de Costas. Events like this makes it clear why the locals are questioning the tourists.


Puerto Banus is a vibrant, beautiful place for the rich. But at night it transforms into a cheap criminal aggressive whore neighborhood where the police are corrupt.

The Spanish government must take action immediately and clean every single millimeter in Puerto Banus.

If Lions Ground goes undercover, don’t be surprised things will be captured on camera.

That’s the reality…