Poison gas attack Syria and fact-less stories of newspapers

Poison gas attack Syria and fact-less stories of newspapers

The poison gas attack in Syria is very suspicious. “Again there is a poison gas attack just when the West is very unhappy that the cards are in favor for Syrian President Assad,” report the new Belgian newspaper De Wereld Morgen.

According to the newspaper, there are no facts at our disposal to tell who is responsible for the gas attack and the critical newspaper is surprised that mainstream newspapers indiscriminately adopt the fact-less story.


The Belgian newspaper De Morgen published on April 5 a story titled “Assad used poison gas, the West is just watching.”

The title gives the impression that Assad is the perpetrator and the West does nothing. Newspapers such as De Standaard writes “Does Assad thinks he’s untouchable?

Fake news

Articles such as De Morgen and De Standaard shows no facts because there is no clear evidence of who is responsible behind the attack.

“So we do not have facts to clarify who is responsible for the poison gas attack in Syria,” emphasizes De Wereld Morgen.


President Trump did not hesitate to bomb the air base in the Syrian province of Homs with 59 Tomahawks, which has cost about 86 lives, one third are children.

Besides America, there are a number of Western countries that didn’t wait for evidence too.


The Belgian newspaper De Wereld Morgen let clearly the readers know that a healthy distrust brings light on the never found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

The moment there was much uproar in Europe over the high number of civilian deaths at the hands of the coalition where the Netherlands and Belgium are part of the poison gas attack took place.

The war in Syria takes nearly six years due the fact international forces execute a proxy war.


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