Carey Heart warned wildfire looters that they will be shot if they enter Malibu.

Lions Ground has learned that In Southern California near Los Angeles, the Woolsey Fire that broke out Thursday afternoon has burned more than 97,100 acres.

Thieves use this deadliest wildfire in state history because people have turned off the alarm and have left their homes.

Pink’s Husband Warns He Will Shoot Wildfire Looters.

A few hours ago this post appeared on the Instagram account of P!Nk’s husband.

A photo of a group of people with weapons.

He writes that there are signals from looters breaking into homes.

CBS Los Angeles reports that the police have blocked roads, nobody comes in.

But they know that it is not enough to keep those thieves out.

Police call for residents who are still there to call the police when they see something.

They will put them in jail if that’s have to take.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

The neighbors of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West praise the couple. They have hired a private team or firefighters, according to TMZ.

The team was armed with hoses, and also tirelessly dug ditches to create a fire break.

The team has successfully protected countless homes on the block from the raging fire.