Pilot Emotional About UFO Attack After Playing Mayday Audio Tape to Control Tower

Mexico City is one of the world’s most popular UFO hotspots, as well as the site of a purported 18-minute encounter that was recorded.

Until now, the pilot who witnessed it has never revealed his side of the tale.

The events that led to a desperate call to an air traffic control tower 38 years ago haunt Carlos de la Santos even today.

Carlos had recently flown a group of engineers along the Pacific coast to Lazaro Cardenas on May 3rd, 1975.

Before completing his flight plan back to Mexico City Airport, he double-checked the plane.

He was piloting a Piper PA-24 Comanche with retractable landing gear. Carlos de la Santos had flown 65 kilometers out of a total of 370 kilometers.

Carlos was an hour into the flight, cruising at 3000 meters above the clouds.

The visibility was excellent, but the young pilot was in for a big shock.

According to Carlos’ statement, he saw two grey objects, each about four meters in diameter and equipped with a small interior like a cockpit or a windscreen.

A third object arrived in front of the plane four seconds later, going directly for Carlos.

The control column didn’t engage; it moved, but the plane didn’t.

The item appeared to have collided with the underside of Carlos’ plane, but he had no way of knowing if his plane had been damaged, and the plane was now completely out of his control.

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A call to the Mexico City Airport was made in an emergency. This is a true recording of that conversation.

Carlos was having trouble comprehending what he was witnessing. Then Carlos’ plane began to abruptly alter his direction, as if it were being guided by an unknown power. There was nothing he could do as the plane soared and climbed until it reached a height of four and a half thousand meters.

Carlos was in serious trouble since a small plane may easily stall.

The weird objects flew away just as Carlos feared he was about to perish, and he regained control of his plane.

As he approached Mexico City Airport, Carlos immediately began to drop his altitude.

The pilot discovered that he was unable to properly lower the landing gear. The wheels could not be secured, according to the cockpit lights.

Carlos had no choice except to land the plane, even if it meant risking a disaster.

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