Pedro Ramírez

Pedro Ramírez

Pedro Ramírez is a ufologist from Mexico. He got my attention when the UFO video in Mexico was published begin this year, which is knighted as the UFO sighting of 2018 by mister Ramírez himself.

On January 2, 2018, appeared the so-called first UFO report of this year on the official Facebook page of Mr. Ramírez with a moderate 60,000 views.


¡DE ULTIMO MOMENTO! REPORTAN EL PRIMER “OVNI” DEL 2018.1 de Enero del 2018, Mexicali B.C, Ya tenemos el primer Avistamiento OVNI del año, este magnífico Video fue reportado el día de hoy en la Ciudad de Mexicali, en la grabación tres Jóvenes dentro de un automóvil en marcha, comentan asombrados lo que en ese momento observan, el Ovni de apariencia “Tubular” flota verticalmente sobre la ciudad fronteriza. Como sabemos en los ultimo dos meses del 2017, la Actividad Ovni no ceso en la frontera Mexicana, conocemos de la preocupación que existe por parte de las entidades Alienígenas por los recientes lanzamientos al espacio, en donde se asegura se esta enviando Material Bélico a la órbita de la tierra, atraídos por estos hechos, “Ellos” se encuentran monitoreando las actividades terrestres, en este punto del planeta.Este año será crucial para quienes seguimos de cerca este fenómeno, la NASA junto con la empresa spaceX, tienen previstos distintos lanzamientos al espacio, algunos con objetivos “sospechosos”.#spacex#nasa#ufos#aliens#ovnis#lanuevaeradelfenomenoovni#ovnislanuevaera#ufologopedroramirez

Posted by Ufologo Pedro Ramírez on Monday, January 1, 2018

One of the three witnesses has captured the UFO on camera. Ramirez claims that this event took place on January 1, 2018, in the Mexican city of Mexicali.

Mexicali is a city with almost 1 million inhabitants with a population density of 6,066.62/km2. It is very unlikely that there are only three witnesses who have spotted the UFO.

UFO over Mexicali, Mexico

The infamous video has been studied carefully. Certain debunkers claims that the witnesses have recorded a Star Wars stormtrooper balloon. This claim can be rejected on the basis of the following evidence shown in the Lions Ground video below.

  • Evidence 1: Frame 373 to frame 399, the stormtrooper balloon jumps from left to right. At that distance, we talk about 50-100 meters in a few seconds.
  • Evidence 2: Frame 641, a classic masking mistake. Go back one frame back or forward, frame 640 or 642 and the stormtrooper balloon is visible. While it should be visible on frame 641 too.
  • Evidence 3: From frame 1036 the UFO fades just before it has to cross the tree from behind. The footage on the designated frames was useless for masking. Blurred objects in the footage are impossible to mask without seeing the edges that will eventually prove that the video has been manufactured. That is why the maker chooses the opacity trick.
  • Evidence 4: Frame 1954 is the smoking gun proof that the video has been produced. To apply a fake UFO in a video you have to start masking. On the left side of the pole, you see a masking error. A piece of sky covers the stormtrooper balloon.

The use of a stormtrooper image cannot be excluded. The video fragment is too unclear to be able to determine what still image has been used in this video production.

With the aid of digital information, I can confirm that the video has been produced. That is why I contacted the only person who strongly emerges in this UFO story, namely Mr. Ramírez.

Pedro Ramírez

Pedro Ramírez

On January, 17, I start reaching out to mister Pedro Ramírez.

“Dear Pedro, you have a fantastic UFO footage over Mexico. I would like to analyse the footage for research purpose only ( I will not distribute it on the internet). Can you send me a copy of the “original” footage straight from your computer?,” I requested.

Six days later I received a response from Pedro Ramírez after much insistence with question marks.

“I do not have the Original … I will ask the witness,” Mr. Ramírez said.

I am aware that his answer is not based on truth, because how else can he publish a clean footage of the UFO on Facebook or did he fabricated the footage? I have told him that I will speak to him next week.

While Mr. Ramírez is actively posting on his Facebook page, he ignores his inbox, specifically, messages originating from me.

Based of the following facts such as the debunk of the UFO in Mexico, no assistance from Pedro Ramírez and similar fake UFO video material published on his Facebook page, I can conclude that the ufologist Pedro Ramírez is a UFO hoaxer.

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Pedro Ramírez Hoaxer Confirmed
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