Panic! At the Disco’s “LA Devotee” Satanic Mind Control System in Hollywood

is this just another group misusing the illuminati trend?

Panic! At the Disco’s 'LA Devotee' Satanic Mind Control System in Hollywood

The music video La Devotee by “Panic! At the Disco’s” is packed with Illuminati satanic symbolism, it sums up everything Hollywood is about.

The abhorred comment on YouTube tells enough. People did not expect a satanic number and say it is increasingly difficult to convince their parents that the music they listen to is not satanic. “I feel like I’m joining a cult, my parents must be proud well then,” comment a teenage viewer.

Throughout the entire music video a young boy is tied to a chair. He is being tortured by lead singer Brendon Urie. Which looks almost like a satanic brainwashing session. And that is exactly what Hollywood is all about.

The video shows a young girl that realizes that she is followed. She is kidnapped by someone in a red robe. Upon the camera zooms out a formation in the center is displayed, the exclamation mark in the name of the band.

illuminati triangle la devotee

Dark Rituals

Then Will of the popular series Stranger Things appear on screen. He’s tied to a chair in a dark room. The makers of Stranger Things were inspired among other things by MK-ULTRA, a secret CIA brainwash program.

Will is played by Noah Schnapp, he’s kidnapped in the series by Demogorgon, a monster that can switch between different realities. In LA Devotee Schnapp is being tortured while the figure in red robes, wearing a mask with horns, is performing dark rituals.

mk-ultra la devotee

The child then begins to sing monotonous tone, as if it is programmed. This shows how the youth are brainwashed by the mass media. Brendon appears to be enjoying the torture. The symbol of the Church of Satan appear on his face.

In the music video Emperor’s New Clothes Brendon Urie slowly turns into the devil. What we see here is the true religion in Los Angeles, where the entertainment industry is located, according to the lyrics of the song:

“The black magic of Mulholland Drive
Swimming pools under desert skies
Drinking white wine in the blushing light
Just another LA Devotee
Sunsets on the evil eye
Invisible to the Hollywood shrine
Always on the hunt for a little more time
Just another LA Devotee”

Electro Shock

The boy then get something to drink. Most likely the psychedelic drugs that is used to brainwash anyone. There appear images of goats, animal masks and bloodied skulls image.

Some witches attach wires on the boy’s head, and he gets electrical shocks. It is known that victims of MK-ULTRA electrical shocks were given to provoke trauma.

The boy knocked unconscious after Brendon smiles sadistically. At the end of the video, the singer is going to abuse the boy.

Mainstream band

Panic! at the Disco is a mainstream band and has already won many awards. The band make radio-friendly music for young people. All those young people see a lead singer who kidnaps a boy, binds to a chair, carries drugs, brainwashing, subject indicates occult rituals and electrical shocks.


The music video LA Devotee illustrate in a clumsy way how the occult elite get away unpunished.  Through the mass media the youth around the world are being told that this is all great and perfectly normal, which leads to this kind of bands are being worshiped, that defines “LA Devotee”. However, this does not only sums up everything Hollywood is about, but also this rock group, based on the group’s music videos. Many artists honor the trendy Illuminati to boost record sales.

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