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Italy: Devout Muslim smashes statue

Pamela Geller - Fake News Publisher Confirmed

Pamela Geller, the founder of The Geller Report, president of the AFDI and SIOA, is found guilty for deliberately publishing fake news.

Lions Ground discovered on the fake news with the headline “Italy: Devout Muslim smashes statue”. A publication with regard to a Facebook video in which reality is deliberately taken out of context.

Wake up call for Italian cities Islam is coming

WATCH: very dramatic video !!! Islamic fanatic breaking statue

Posted by Jewish Voice on Sunday, January 14, 2018

Miss Geller did not substantively provided information about the video, instead adds anti-Islam related stories irrelevant to the original headline.

“WATCH: very dramatic video. Devout Muslim smashes statue in Italy. Wake up call to the Italian authority,” says Pamela Geller.

She continues her story how Muslims destroy religious icons and statues of non-Muslims.

“There is a fatwa (a legal ruling under Islam) calling for the destruction of religious icons, statues, etc. of non-Muslims,” Geller stated.

Italy: Devout Muslim Smashes Statue

Her claim that it occured in Italy is false. The so-called statue in the video is about the “Ain el-Fouara” fountain in Sétif, Algeria.

Ain el-Fouara fountain
Ain el-Fouara fountain was realized by the French sculptor Francis de Saint-Vidal.

The attack on the fountain by a strict Islamist —not a terrorist— happened on Monday, December 18, 2017. It is not the first time that the artwork is a victim of vandalism. As far as known, two attacks occurred on April 22, 1997, and February 28, 2006, by strict Muslims who are triggered by the naked girl statue.

The Ain el-Fouara fountain is a symbolic monument in the town, where it is very popular among the locals. The religion of Algeria is Islam.

It is not the first time that fake publications of the video appear on the internet. It has previously been claimed that the video has been recorded in Syria.

Pamela Geller

Miss Geller, author of Fatwa: Hunted in America(foreword by Geert Wilders) and other books is a fan of the Dutch political leader of PVV Geert Wilders.

Geert Wilders was a supporter of the banned extreme right-wing politician Jan Maat. “As long as Jan, my buddy, has a good card,” a retweet related to a research for refugee crisis in January 2016. It is very rare because Geert Wilders is part Indonesian. In indonesia, over 90% of the population is Islam.

Pamela Geller

The publication on Pamela Geller’s website can be a mistake. In order to give Ms. Geller a chance, she is reminded several times on January 19 and January 27, 2018, that her publication is incorrect.

Geller refuses to comply and did not corrected her publication. The headline and content of her publication complimenst her motive, which is fear mongering.


There is a remarkably large number of ad units causing to flood thin content with advertisements.

Today on February 10, the Ad network Revcontent have been informed that their publisher Pamela Geller is violating their policy.

Fake news is not tolerated according to Revcontent, this still has to be proven in practice.

Update February the 15th

“Thank you for contacting Revcontent. I am happy to address the matter raised in your correspondence, and invite you to contact me directly in the event of any additional questions or issues that may arise. To begin, I think it is useful to clarify the role that Revcontent plays with respect to the content referenced in your email. Revcontent is a content-neutral advertising network, similar to Google’s adwords and other networks in the sense that Revcontent is not the originator or creator of the advertisements that appear on the network or the sites on which these advertisements display.

While we are not an arbiter of truth and it is not our company policy to independently fact check or verify all content on the internet, we do not allow content which is designed to intentionally deceive consumers. The site referenced in your email has been submitted for review by the Compliance Department.

I trust that this explanation adequately addresses the issue raised by the complaint, and if you have any additional questions I encourage you to contact me directly at your convenience,” wrote Andrea Marchon-Arnaud to Lions Ground.

I asked in what timeframe I can expect feedback.

To be continued…