Nuclear Neutron strike in Yemen

Nuclear Neutron strike in Yemen

Several news sites report that there has been a nuclear explosion in Yemen. It’s about a neutron bomb, a hydrogen bomb which was designed so that a large part of the energy of the explosion is released in the form of neutron radiation, while the amount of radioactivity that is released is small.

On January 22 this year the president, the prime minister and the entire cabinet of Yemen quit under the pressure of the Houthi rebels.

The rebels seized power, but were then contested by an international coalition led by Saudi Arabia.

In the Arab and Russian media reported that the nuclear attack would be carried out by Israel. Earlier this month, two F-16s were shot down over Yemen.

When the wreckage was examined, it appeared to be that the type of airplane were never delivered to an Arab country. The only buyer of the type in the region is Israel, reported an US military magazine.

According to Veterans Today the appliances were recently given a Saudi jacket. The jets were piloted by Arabic-speaking pilots of the Israeli Air Force, according to the magazine.

One of the F-16 was shot down by a Russian Buk missile system. Yemen has many modern Russian weapons, including MiG-29s and advanced air defense systems.

From a photographic analysis of the downed F-16 in Yemen shows that’s probably going to be one of the 50 American F-16A aircraft by the Clinton administration that has been given to Israel or a former NATO aircraft of Italy or Portugal. The only other possibility is that they are made in secret by the US directly, added to Veterans Today.

The air strikes on Yemen have led to a worldwide storm of protest. US President Barack Obama promised the rich Arab oil states to support earlier this month against external attacks.

He will if necessary use the army to defend the country.

Nuclear Strike on Yemen (Neutron Bomb) by Lions Ground

  • A. Its not a conventional 2k lb bomb. It’s much bigger.
    B. Its either a very large MOAB bigger than 4,000 lbs. or; ???? Max weight for an F-15 / 16 is about 2,000 lb payload per bomb rack making the deployment of a MOAB impossible.
    C. Lightning effect and duration of the fire ball being suspended in mid air and the very large mushroom cloud is the main give away, that is because it is being hit by neutrons from the nuclear fireball blast. It overloads the ccd’s electronic circuit producing white flashes. If the radiation is too high it will burn out the chip. They had big problems with this in Japan with the Fukushima robots cameras failing due to very high radiation counts.
    D. Delivery is most likely by an IDF F-16 with a Saudi paint job on the plane. They are not even hiding their use anymore, they just don’t publicly admit it and the IAEA does nothing or says nothing. That is the true war crime. The UN just ignores it unless the US, France or GB complain…
    Russia and China say nothing.

  • Kashima

    F-16 in your video was Moroccan F-16 which was shot down same day or
    almost same day of nuclear attack. I watched it in Almasirah TV.

  • Kashima

    Royal Saudi Air Force doesn’t have F-16. So fake Saudi F-16 which shot down is this one.

  • Philip Christie

    They hit the enemies ammo dump, which was the target, nobody is dropping fucking neutron bombs, idiots.

    • Alexander Grimsmo

      Conventional explosives doesn’t look like that. No matter the amount.