Nicki Minaj – Ganja Burn Illuminati Exposed


This video is about Nicki Minaj’s music video Ganja Burn. Exposing the Illuminati plot and also a conversation with someone who truly believe I’m the leader of the Illuminati.

Nicki Minaj, clearly distinguishes herself as the goddess Hathor with the solar disk on her head also known as Aten or Aton. The name Hathor means the mansion of Horus. The eye of Horus is often used by Illuminati wannabees. Horus is in the sky, the sun and the moon. The sun is his right eye and the moon his left. In Egyptian tomb paintings, Hator is welcoming the dead into the next life.

One plus one is two, that is exactly what the plot of this music video is all about.


“Once upon a time, in a world unknown . . . there lived a queen, the Generous Queen. One day, her enemies all came together to hold a secret meeting and concocted a plan to take the Generous Queen down. They conspired with someone who was once very close to her & struck like a thief in the night. Tho the Queen could hear & see them in her mind, she decided to allow them an easy victory. She advised her army to do & say nothing. They slaughtered her village.

What they perceived as death was a deep sleep. Once the Generous Queen had enough of her rest, she began to arise. As she blew life back into her army, they all assembled, stronger & better than ever. They became more protective of the Queen than ever before. She made a command, one command. “Kill everything in sight.” With those words, her enemies were all put to death.

The Queen’s empire celebrated. They asked her . . . “Why did you allow us to be defeated?” She responded, “So that generations for years & years to come would know that even in the grave, He is Lord.”

Nicki Minaj Illuminati
Covering one eye.

The character Minaj is playing compliments the function of Hathor. Hathor represents next to welcoming the death in the next life as well as joy, music, feminine love, and motherhood and again compliments the plot of the story.

After three minutes with great pleasure watching the woman with round shapes moving like a snake, doing nice dirty with the sand, good, you see six men in a circle of fire doing a dance ritual. Exactly, 6, why not 5 or 7, no 6. Praising the goddess.

It is claimed that this music video is related to her Indian roots, right and my sister is really an alien. But Ganja means cannabis in Hindi. Yes, Yes, Illuminati confirmed.