Nazis built incredible UFOs, did these mysterious “foo fighters” flew often over America?

Nazis built incredible UFOs, did these mysterious

In the mid-forties, unidentified flying objects were seen numerous times in the skies, reports channel, Gaia.

By the end of the Second World War military aircraft were overnight followed by fast moving objects.

The pilots said that these objects were able to quickly change course, could shake the military aircraft and behaved as if they were controlled by an intelligence.

Foo fighters

White and red and orange spheres were seen, the pilots compared the lights with Christmas tree lights.

Crews of the bombers spoke of “foo fighters”, light bulbs suddenly appeared and followed their aircraft and usually just as suddenly disappeared.

Government agencies tried to dismiss the phenomenon as mass hysteria and hallucinations, a hoax or a misinterpretation of known objects.

Thule Society

Nevertheless, the observations were pouring in and there is as yet no explanation for UFOs.

Some researchers argue that the flying saucers were built by Nazi Germany.
The cradle of the German Arbeiterspartij (DAP), the forerunner of Adolf Hitler’s NSDAP, the Thule Society was an occult organization founded in 1918 in Munich.


Prominent members of this society were Hans Frank, the chief lawyer of Nazi Germany, and Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s deputy.

Hess, the third most powerful Nazi, was also attached to another association, called Vril.

This society consisted mainly of young, attractive women who claimed to communicate telepathically with aliens.


The leader of the secret society, Maria Orsic, contacted Hess to share information about the creatures that she was in contact with them.

She had her messages written in two languages, a language used by the Knights Templar and a language that historians have linked to a German occult group known as the ‘Thule’.

The information was translated into German and appeared to contain instructions for building flying saucers.


After the saucers were built Vril suddenly disappeared, leaving behind Orsic a letter stating: “Nobody stays here.”

Researchers think they used the vessels to leave the planet. Orsic claimed, to communicate with aliens from the system of Aldebaran in Taurus.

Was this their final destination?

Heathcliff Spencer Peters is an impartial and independent investigative journalist whose stories have appeared in The Sun, Express, Dailymail, nationwide Italian and Spanish television, and over 10 countries.