NATO lies over Russian threats according to French intelligence boss

NATO lies over Russian threats according to French intelligence boss

NATO paints after the disintegration of the Soviet Union and Russia superfluous deliberately off as a threat in order to justify its own existence. This says Yves Bonnet, former head of the French counter-intelligence service DST, which was closed in 2008.

“The Russians are no longer the bad guys, the Soviet danger has passed, especially since the Soviet Union no longer exists,” he said.

Claims made about the aggressive behavior of Moscow are “exaggerated,” he added.

No longer believe

“NATO deliberately feeds the perception of Russia as a threat, because the alliance will continue to exist like any other organization,” Bonnet said.

Depicting Russia as an international danger no longer works, says the former intelligence chief. “I can assure you that the French people no longer believes this.”

He said it was regrettable that France again becomes members of NATO. France was between 1966 and 1996 not part of the alliance. Since 2009, the country is again a full member.

Hazardous organization

NATO is a dangerous organization that needs to be shut down entirely according to Bonnet.

“I’ve seen what NATO did in Yugoslavia in 1999,” he said. “Then NATO attacked inside Afghanistan, a country that is not in the North Atlantic area.”

Bonnet said that Russia has not tried to influence the French presidential election.


Too bad

According to him, Israel has done just that. That country supported the campaign of Emmanuel Macron.

He regrets that Paris does not cooperate with the intelligence services of Russia, Syria and other countries that are fighting terrorism for political reasons.

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Heathcliff Spencer Peters is an impartial and independent investigative journalist whose stories have appeared in The Sun, Express, Dailymail, nationwide Italian and Spanish television, and over 10 countries.