Scrap dealer finds Apollo-era NASA computers Plus hundreds of mystery tapes from Pioneer and Helios probe missions in dead engineer’s basement

Ars Technica, a news website devoted to technology, released a very interesting article about NASA last week. This information has been brought out via “Freedom of information act”.

NASA researchers have collected 325 magnetic data tapes from a deceased engineer basement in Pittsburgh City.

NASA Goddard Archives has finally investigated the tapes and this is the conclusion. Of the 325 tapes, 215 tapes are “not” mission-related. The rest of the tapes are about NASA missions like:

  • Pioneer 8
  • Pioneer 9
  • Pioneer 10
  • Pioneer 11
  • Helios 1
  • possible Helios A
  • Intelsat IV

See page 10.

I’ll explain later what exactly that missions were about.

“Are you not curious to know why NASA has ordered to destroy those tapes.”

I quote, page 8 “Based on the decision reached by the Goddard science experts and myself that there is no evidence that suggests this material is historically significant and the lack of contextual contract related information about to the creation or the content or this material, coupled with the poor condition and the potential health risk posed by this material, I recommend disposal through the immediate destruction of all magnetic tapes. ” end quote.

Sorry, immediate?

Is there something that we should not know?

Then the next mystery, in this picture you see the contract number “NAS5-2154” but nowhere in the NASA database is this number known.

It’s not the first time NASA has removed tapes. The space organization has admitted they have removed the Apollo 11 Moon Landing.

Do not you think it’s weird that NASA likes to destroy things?

The two computers are left behind in the basement because they are incredibly heavy and big, NASA does not want them back.

I quote page 3 “On February 1, 2016, stated, ”No. We do not need the computers. If we do decide that the content warrants us getting the data off of them, they will have to be sent to a vendor who specializes in magnetic media preservation for transfer. We have no use for those computers”.

I quote page 7 “The OIG made the decision to bring the tapes to the Goddard Space Flight Center based on printed evidence on a few of the tapes and a Goddard contract number on the computers that were found in the basement alongside the tapes that pointed towards Goddard as the appropriate custodian for such recovered property. The computers were not removed from the residence due to their size and weight. ”

Ars Technica has asked for comments but NASA OIG’s spokesperson had no interest to give a comment on the outcome of the FOIA request.

In other words, a NASA cover-up?

Do you believe that mold is the reason why the tapes are destroyed because they form a threat to your health? Let it know in the comment section. I’m curious how you think about this.

The next mystery is, who is the deceased engineer?

Is it maybe Dr. Marlin H. Mickle:

He passed away on April 14, 2015
He had ties with NASA
He died in Pittsburgh
He was an emeritus professor of electrical and computer engineering

NASA engineer “Jack Kinzler” can be ruled out because he did not die in Pittsburgh.

Who died is unclear because the document is censored. from who do you think this basement is?

The explanation of the missions, 110 of the tapes were related to NASA’s mission.

Pioneer 8, 9, 10, and 11 were space probes of NASA’s pioneer program.

Pioneer 8 and 9 were created to make the first detailed measurements of the solar wind, the magnetic field of the sun and the cosmic radiation. With this data, one tried to understand the structure and the current of solar winds. This also made it possible to predict solar storms.

The Pioneer 10 (also known as Pioneer F) was an American unmanned space probe from the 70’s to the planet Jupiter. This mission was about collecting data about both Jupiter and its moons as well as the outer regions of our solar system.

The Pioneer 11 (also known as Pioneer G) is an unmanned space probe of NASA, launched on April 6, 1973. The goal of the mission was to explore the outer parts of our solar system and is part of the Pioneer Program.

The Pioneer 11 was the first probe to the planet Saturn, which approached to 21,000 km on September 1, 1979. For this reason, the probe also flew past Jupiter on December 4, 1974, and approached the planet to 34,000 km.

Helios 1 was an unmanned space probe. It was brought into a heliocentric lane, just inside the orbit of Mercury, to study the sun. The Helios program was a cooperation project of West Germany and NASA. The name Helios is also used for an experimental aircraft from NASA, Helios, and a series of French military satellites, Helios 1B and Helios 2A. (so a Military purpose)

Intelsat IV F-4 was a geostationary communications satellite built by Hughes, it was owned by Intelsat or International Telecommunications Satellite Organization

How do you think about the topic I discussed in this video.

Do you believe NASA on its words?

Do you believe they hide something?

What are they hiding?

Do they hide alien life?

Do they hide secret projects in space?

Or do you think they hide something because it has too much information which is too nutritious for NASA’s competitors?

I want to read your opinion in the comment section.

For more information, references, and more read the video description.
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