Mysterious UFO over American Kiawah Island

A lot of media attention to this orange red flying object.

Mysterious UFO over American Kiawah Island
Snapshot of the red orange object at 9:33pm EST North West of the coast of Charleston SC. Credits: Debra Thomson, Kiawah Island Girl Photography

Kiawah Island – In Kiawah Island in the US state of South Carolina a woman was surprised during Christmas by a UFO. That reports Fox News.

Video of the object has been uploaded on YouTube by Debra Thomson, who said she could not say what it was.

“It was about 9:33pm EST of the coast of Charleston SC. I have an unobstructed view in all directions,” she said. “I knew it was not Venus, it was in the North West Sky.”

Intelligently Controlled

The Alleged Video by Debra Thomson

“It flew towards me and seemed to be intelligently controlled,” she said.

She added that the object was moving around and then disappeared. A few minutes later it reappeared.

Thomson contacted the local airport, which could see nothing on the radar and said that it was not a weather balloon.

Extraterrestrial Civilization

Some thought the lights were from an alien civilization, while others said it was a drone.

“It was the afterburner of a fighter,” wrote another.

On New Year’s Eve in 2015 a bright orange disc was observed over Kiawah Island, reported The Post and Courier.

Sky Lanterns

A video by Usfireworks1 shows the alleged UFO a lot of resemblance with Chinese lanterns.

Pay close attention to the lanterns in the far distance.