MGK BOOED off stage during Eminem diss song at Fall Out Boy concert is fake

Don't you worry, everyone fell for it. Except for the lion who can smell bullshit miles away.


The alleged video Machine Gun Kelly of MGK is booed off stage is fake. News and pop culture influencer Philip DeFranco has been addressed by Lions Ground. Yes, the lion did it again.

When it comes to the latest news Philip DeFranco’s YouTube channel is the place to be. The well-known influencer, who always goes into stories factually, did not hit the nail on the head this time.

In a video of September 18 DeFranco talks about Machine Gun Kelly being booed.

It seems that this has not been fact checked because if he and his team did some research they quickly come to their conclusion that this is a hoax to discredit the rapper who already discredited himself enough by dissing the rap god Eminem.

The creator of the hoax video has added boo sounds to MGK’s gig at Amway Center in Orlando. In the video you see the rapper perform at the Fall Out Boy concert. Watch the alleged video below by Opus Magnum.

As explained in the Lions Ground live show. When you perform a reverse search  everything points to the YouTube Hip Hop channel Opus Magnum. Below you can watch the original video.

Wait a minute, no boo can be heard? Opus Magnum is an old acquaintance of Lions Ground and for that reason the content cannot be trusted. Opus Magnum is the cocktail shaker of YouTube that occasionally mix truth with lies to sensationalize the story like the boo-video.

In the video below, recorded by one of the audience, no single boo towards MGK can be heard.

Because many people carry a cell phone, it makes it easier to prove that the MGK BOOED off stage during Eminem’s diss song at Fall Out Boy concert is fake. Below you find another evidence.

Fact check

  1. The original video is published on Sep 17, 2018.
  2. The Opus Magnum version is published on Sep 18, 2018, while this is about the same video.
  3. All videos are without the boo except that of Opus Magnum.

Philip DeFranco, who always criticize somebody else has now be criticized by Lions Ground. The YouTuber has been informed that his statement about the boo-video has been debunked.


We do not believe that DeFranco has done this deliberately. We all sometimes forget an important detail. DeFranco remains a great platform for news and pop culture.

Regardless of being a big fan of Eminem’s work, the lion remains unbiased and factual. Eminem wants to humiliate MGK through rap and not with lies.