Melania Trump Look-alike Melanie Marden Responds To Death Threats

Melania Trump Look-alike Melanie Marden Responds To Death Threats

The Melania Trump sexy character in T.I.’s clip Melanie Marden comes with reaction video for her haters. This time, impersonating FLOTUS vocally.

Melanie Marden played the role in T.I.’s short music video as Melania Trump promoting the album Dime Trap.

FLOTUS took off her clothes in the White House and Donald Trump supporters were fuming.

Marden posted on Instagram that said “Be Strong. Be Brave. Be Fearless,” on which she wrote a lengthy caption about her role as “#nakedMelania.”

“I send love to all the people who called me names and made accusations or delivered hurtful insults. These are clearly deep wounds inside of you. That have nothing to do with me. For that I am sad and wish you much healing. 💞🙏 To all the political people threatening me, I remind you this is a music video ~ Relax! I am an actress who played the role of ‘Naked Melania’ just like when Alec Baldwin Portrays Trump on NBC. So now I start my week wishing you all the best and remember if you don’t have something nice to say, say nothing at all, —Marden wrote.

Melanie Marden response video

On 19 October, Marden responded on her social networks by a video message on death threats as Melania Trump.

“Music and art should unite us, —that is the opening of the video. “Yes, I was naked but I did it before, —she says sarcastically.

It is an enigmatic remark by Marden. Not only Melanie Marden is a beautiful “nude” model, but FLOTUS is also not afraid to take off her clothes as you can see.

Melania Trump Flotus Nude Naked
Nude shots Melania Trump

T.I. Melania Trump Video

13 october T.I. tweeted a promo video of his new album Dime Trap in which Melania Trump is portrayed by the beautiful actrice.

On October 17th this story was covered on Lions Ground’s YouTube channel. We too did not escape the insults and threats.

Our followers with a different political view became targets of the Trump supporters who consider freedom of speech very important. Only, it seems another can’t enjoy this human right.

Lions Ground also responded to this.