Meet The New Lions Ground

Today we proudly present the new Lions Ground. We are embracing the future with new cool stuff. But first, why was Lions Ground absent for months?

The reason Lions Ground was absent for a long time has to do with the COVID. Infected twice in a short period and lost a loved one. Recovery, physically and mentally, was needed. In the past 30 days, we did a lot of brainstorming how to upgrade Lions Ground.


The logo has been revamped. The logo depicts flames, waves, and a lion with the underlying story that we go through fire and sea.

Before Image After Image


The new beginning starts with a new website. The flashy website presents our videos in a much better way than the previous website. Videos come with a trailer, so you know in advance what you are about to watch. We all know by now YouTube/Google collects your data, so an ad-free and privacy-friendly version is available for VIPs.


We proudly present the Lions Ground Series. A series of videos that delve into a story or event accompanied with a thrilling or eerie atmosphere, fully uncensored. Here are the following series:

The debut takes places on Friday, September 3, with the first episode of unXplained: ‘In America‘.


YouTube is a private company that definitively censors by not notifying our followers, demonetizing, or applying age restrictions. Series, exclusive content, ad-free content will be hosted on our servers. That way, you can watch uncensored videos. Guess what, we don’t collect your computer data and private information.


You support us for one cup of coffee a month. You sign up for an account we call VIP. Watch all Lions Ground Series (online and offline), access exclusive content, comment, ad-free and we don’t collect or sell your data. There are so many things you get, for more information visit here.


Our followers complain they don’t receive notifications from YouTube as soon as a new Lions Ground video becomes available. No matter you have enabled the bell notification (a feature specifically designed to notify subscribers), you very often miss our videos.

Lions Ground sends notifications to computers, telephones, and email. On the first website visit, we ask if you want to receive notifications. The official App for Android also has a built-in notification system. The moment Lions Ground publishes a video, we will send you a notification.

App for Android

The Lions Ground App is available on Google Play. We have opted for a simple, lightweight app that demands notably little to no resources. It does what it’s supposed to do, serve you videos.

Download & install the app here.

Get Involved

We are expanding the team. Do you like writing, maybe you have a gift finding extraordinary stories or do you have another quality? Don’t hesitate, click here and send us a message.

Tip us Your Story

Do you have an inexplicable story, have you experienced something mysterious, or did you witness something extraordinary? Click here and send your story.


Lions Ground is nice and fresh. With the new branding, tools, and mindset we focus on creating content with a positive mindset. We are simply very excited.

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