MASSIVE Shadow Glides Past International Space Station explained

Streetcap1 published a video of the ISS claiming large objects emerged. But is that true?


On March 19, 2017, Streetcap1 published a video of the International Space Station. Huge circular shadows that pass the International Space Station. Some conspiracy theorists claim that this is an alien mother ship.

In the video description the YouTube user Streetcap1 writes that he does not say that it is a mother ship or alien spacecraft, but it does look strange.

Strange things

He posted the video on YouTube on Saturday. “You will see a large shadow in the picture,” he said. “Look at that – what on Earth can that be?”

According to some, the images are evidence of extraterrestrial life. “It’s a mother ship,” someone responded.

Another wrote that strange things happen in space and that more will happen.

Hidden from view

Others suggested that the shadow can be caused by camera filter or sunlight.

One person, however, commented: “The background is completely obscured by the large object. That can not be a shadow or eclipse? ”

Earlier this month, a cigar-shaped UFO spotted was near the ISS, and NASA would have censored it.


  1. Streetcap1 fails to mention the source so this video can not be verified
  2. The lighting is sunlight
  3. The window is full of scratches and spots
  4. The moment the sunlight appeared on the window all sorts of odd shapes appeared
  5. They are not shadows but reflections
  6. The white objects are the reflection of the left arm
  7. The moment the left arm moves the objects move the opposite direction
  8. The moment the left arm disappears from camera the objects disappear from view slowly too
  9. If the objects were actual there they would be better visible ‘before’ the sun shined its light on the window think of driving car during sunset see picture above
Heathcliff Spencer Peters is an impartial and independent investigative journalist whose stories have appeared in The Sun, Express, Dailymail, nationwide Italian and Spanish television, and over 10 countries.