Something Big and Fast Recorded Under Mars Surface According to SecureTeam10

Something Big and Fast Recorded Under Mars Surface According to SecureTeam10
Wind and Thermal Shield, which covers InSight's seismometer. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Something big and fast was recorded under the Martian surface, claims Tyler Glockner of Secureteam10 based on a seismic event detected by NASA’s Mars InSight rover on April 6, 2019.

The YouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers shows in his video photos and videos suggesting that the space organisation NASA has secrets.


NASA’s Mars InSight lander recorded on April 6 for the first time in which three distinct sounds can be heard. The seismometer detected the sounds as ground vibrations especially the second one which NASA scientists guess it’s likely a marsquake.

Lori Glaze, Planetary Science Division director at NASA Headquarters said: “The Martian Sol 128 event is exciting because its size and longer duration fit the profile of moonquakes detected on the lunar surface during the Apollo missions.”

Despite literally stated that this is a possible marsquake the YouTube channel Secureteam10 comes with a very remarkable theory that something moved below the surface.

“When you listen to it it sounds like something else something very big something that is coming up underneath and passing by,” says Tyler Glockner of Secureteam10. He even has the courage to compare this with a subway. He said: “… which many believe according to the photos and from analyzing them are not made out of metal are constructed out of metal like the subways here on earth.”

Not red

Secureteam10 shows in his video that the planet is not red and the sky is just like Earth indicating some sort of conspiracy NASA is withholding secrets. At the beginning of the video Glockner says: “They had some some photographs slip through that I guess they forgot to edit that showed the true color of Mars.”

Experts at NASA explain how the cameras works. Take the Curiosity Mars camera as an example that uses Bayer filtering.

NASA explains on their official website using a schematic image: “The color cameras on NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity, including the pair that make up the rover’s Mast Camera (Mastcam) instrument, use the same type of Bayer pattern RGB filter as found in typical commercial color cameras.”

Some photography had indeed undergone some color correction. Tyler Glockner is not telling his audience that NASA keeps most of the raw media files on their official website. So it’s not really that mysterious. 

Secureteam10 accused NASA of faking photos and suggests that the space organization is not entirely honest about Mars while Tyler Glockner repeatedly spread disinformation on his channel, until today.

Fake Mars UFO

The fundamentals of Secureteam10’s content consist of fake and conspiracy theories around the core of truth. In his video, he starts with a series of photos taken out of context or are a hoax like the Mars UFO.

Debunker Scott Brando of UFO of Interest recognizes that Secureteam10 is milking his stories and explains that Tyler shows an old hoax material to empower his story. The original photo from NASA was used to produce a fake video.


On April 16, Lions Ground focused on the recent publications of Secureteam10 to determine if this YouTube channel is reliable.

Lions Ground keeps an eye on Secureteam10 to see if he deserves a spot in the blacklist.