Man Reports Seeing elongated UFO Over NC’s Lake Norman


In May, a video appeared on Youtube in which a UFO was observed over North Carolina’s Lake Norman, north of Charlotte.

Jason Swing recorded the infamous video. In the 1 minute video, you can see an elongated object flying at a slow pace.

The video is considerably hated by most viewers. Currently it’s rated with 51 likes and 327 dislikes.


The viewers doesn’t appreciate the material because the entire video is extraordinary shakey that some viewers suspect that he deliberately shook to hide a hoax.

Man Reports Seeing elongated UFO Over NC's Lake Norman“I suspect hoax and a scam do to the SHORT nature of the video and the OVERLY SHAKY cam that can only be intentional, says Brad DL one day ago.

Julio César Perdomo don’t take the video seriously and says, “Why do people “supposedly“ record a UFO all of a sudden they have Parkinson’s?

The behavior of the Youtuber is fairly suspicious. Someone who experiences a UFO encounter would take more effort to record the momentum you don’t experience everyday.


Large part of the video is useless for visual analysis but a small 15% of the video material is stabilized. The result is available in the video below.

By uploading to third party sites like Youtube the digital fingerprint gets destroyed in which you can tell the video has been altered.

In Charlotte, there are no other witnesses known and there is no similar report in the database of the UFO organization MUFON available.

The video shake is not digitally manufactured and it points out the video is not fake, based on the visually available facts.

The flying object most likely has a natural explanation such as a “Goodyear” blimp. Can this be confirmed?

Yes, it can be confirmed.

Goodyear blimp

NASCAR Charlotte Motor Speedway
NASCAR Charlotte Motor Speedway
NASCAR Charlotte Motor Speedway
NASCAR Charlotte Motor Speedway

A Goodyear blimp regularly hovers over the NASCAR Charlotte Motor Speedway,  as displayed above.

Update 8/17

It is officially confirmed by Goodyear. “We don’t want to get in the way of a good story, but that’s definitely us,” says a representative for the Goodyear blimp.