Man Ends Up In Hell During Near-Death Experience And Was Confronted With All The Bad Things He had Ever Done

Man Ends Up In Hell During Near-Death Experience And Confronted With All The Bad Things He had Ever Done

A man does not experience the typical near-death experience but he ends up in hell. The man explains horrific things he has seen.

Jeffrey C. tried to commit suicide at the age of 19 after he had discovered that his girlfriend was cheating.

He saw in the hospital a doctor bending over his body, as he wrote on the website of the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation.

Jeffrey left in his own words his body and entered the body of the doctor inside. “I saw images of his wife, children, and cars. I felt he was in a panic. ”


A creature grabbed his hand while he could see a doctor and a nurse tried to resuscitate him. The creature took him to a pillar of light.

At first, he thought he was in heaven. There were walls in the form of clouds and saw his grandmother.

Then he saw himself in a field where it stunk and where people had scary faces. A demon grabbed him and took him to a place he called hell.

Jeffrey was sucked into it and confronted with images of all the bad things he had ever done.


“I could see how I was numb to other people,” he said. “It was unbearable and overwhelming to recreate the things I had forgotten.”

“I felt like I had let others feel,” he added.

Then he found himself kneeling in a cave. “I saw a girl who had slit her wrists, a man with a rope around his neck and another person who had shot himself in the head.”

In the cave was a large, ugly demon who grabbed them and dragged them into the cave, said Jeffrey.


When he closed his eyes again he was overwhelmed by the bad things he had done.

Then he was taken to a being asked what brought him there. Jeffrey said that the world is unfair and that he no longer wanted to live.

The creature explained that Jeffrey had begged to be born in the material world. He even chose when and where he was born.

He then began to cry and really got to see future events. He noticed in particular that he would break his back and that happened later.

To finish

He was told that he had chosen these things for a reason before he was born and had to go back to them.

Jeffrey did not return, but when he returned he felt peaceful and calm.

The young man was in a coma for three days and when he regained consciousness sister told him that he had died and resuscitated.

Jeffrey was once an alcoholic, drug dealer, and criminal, but threw his life completely around. His eyes were open.

source: epoch times

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