Luis Elizondo Isn’t Ruling Out UFOs Being Extraterrestrial

The former director of an unclassified Pentagon program that researched UFOs have come out and said he’s not ruling out UFOs being extraterrestrial.

A YouTube video was released on November 25, 2021. On the channel, “British GQ” host Charlie Burton spoke with Luis Elizondo about the unidentified aerial phenomena and extraterrestrials. The video had amassed over 2.2 million views since it was online. Elizondo was interviewed who had worked on a secret program named the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP).

Elizondo said he has personally examined multiple UFO-related incidents and eyewitnesses, which included a well-known case where the United States Air Force pilot was engaged by an unidentified aircraft was clearly outperformed.

The experienced Hornet pilot is convinced it wasn’t from this world. Elizondo also led the Department of Defense’s UFO program and was used to dealing with highly sensitive information.

He disclosed two significant cases when they were investigated where there were multiple other military witnesses on the scene.

“Rationally there are three options for what these aircraft are. They’re either US military black project, they belong to a foreign government like China or Russia, or are they are of non-human origins,” said Charlie Burton, Senior Commissioning Editor of GQ.

Four minutes into the video, Elizondo says these flying objects have been maneuvering with technologies that could not be duplicated at the time by any nation on Earth.

“I had access to to all those programs and those types of programs you don’t test these types of secret aircraft in and around areas where you’re doing active maneuvers. You tend to test them at secret test ranges like area 51 and you certainly don’t endanger pilots by testing this type of secret technology without coordinating that through our joint staff. So we very quickly realized it wasn’t our technology,” said Luis Elizondo, former U.S. Army Counterintelligence Special Agent and former employee of the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.

While it’s not conclusive evidence by any means, one can’t deny the fact that Elizondo brought up some serious pieces of information.

After all, he was the former director of a military UFO program, and he is certainly in a better position than most to know what the government knows about UFOs.

If there’s anything to take away from his recent comments, it’s that as technology continues to advance, so too must our search for answers about these UFOs and whether or not they are extraterrestrial in origin.

Only then will we be able to confirm whether or not alien life truly exists, but more importantly, where it comes from.

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