Liquid mercury in Aztec pyramid possible link to aliens

Liquid mercury in Aztec pyramid possible link to aliens

Millions of people around the world believe we have been visited in the past by extraterrestrials. Erich von Däniken was writing about it in his book “Were the Gods Cosmonauts?”.

Especially in recent years, there is increasing evidence collected from which one can conclude that in the past by aliens has intervened on Earth, History Channel reports.


On satellite images over Kazakhstan you can see geoglyphs very similar to the Nazca Lines in Peru. On radar images are remnants of an old technology discovered at Machu Picchu.

And a heat scan revealed hidden spaces behind the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, which may be the remains of aliens, according to the station.

During excavations under an Aztec pyramid are also large quantities of liquid mercury found in several ancient burial chambers. Scientists are baffled, although some researchers believe that the mercury can be linked as possible to the creatures that the Aztecs called their “gods”:


The French engineer David Presley discovered several years ago a hidden room in Machu Picchu. According to some, the city is realized with the help of aliens.

Radar images show a large room and possibly stairs leading down. Presley says that it is an entrance which was ever closed by the Incas. The authorities denied him access to the city, making it impossible for him to carry out research:

Because this is not scientific proven, they also could extracted liquid mercury from cinnabar.