Lions Ground: “Patreon and Google, We’re Taking Over The Wheel”

Lions Ground:

This month, Lions Ground re-launched its website with attention to independence. People can join Lions Ground in exchange for uncensored content and monthly rewards. You’re supporting unbiased and factual journalism. Lions Ground is a 100% crowdfunded news platform.

Last years, mainly this year, Lions Ground is a victim of content scrapers, adblock users, and Youtube’s and Adsense abuse of power. Especially the last two is a violation of human rights.

By exerting financial pressure you are violating the freedom of expression and the end result, they choose what you read. For this reason, Lions Ground has been warning people since 2016, but nobody wanted to believe Lions Ground. Today, all content creators feel it in their wallet

With the focus on the Youtube Boycott, which is nothing more than a cleansing process of the platform to make room for mainstream media, biased parties and big names that make money for Google.

As long everyone continues to use Google’s services, we continue to support the largest legal mafia company out there who is found guilty of millions of tax fraud, a fact that Panama Papers ignores.

Did you know Lions Ground worked the entire week for free? The last video became not suitable for advertisers the moment it has been published:


Patreon is a crowdfunding platform where people can support their favorite content creators. Initially, nothing wrong with that.

After some time, Lions Ground came to the conclusion that Patreon is not completely transparent what data they collect from people who leave private information such as credit card data, as evidenced by the fact that no Patreon page holder has access to their administration.

Patreon is not as innocent as they seem.

This platform position itself by misusing the Youtube boycott trend to give hard working content creators hope. A percentage of people’s payments go to this platform. But that’s not the problem.

The real problem is that Patreon has found guilty of censorship of suspending the account of an independent female journalist because Patreon had an opinion about her way of handling things in practice.

A few months ago, Lions Ground had no access to the official crowdfunding page of Lions Ground. The Patreon service representatives failed to provide service to Lions Ground, in fact didn’t bothered to address the issue. The Patreon page account could be hacked and Lions Ground was unable to protect its patrons (people who are supporting).

Official login page of Patreon.

Enough is enough

Lions Ground says goodbye to Patreon and Adsense. When the economic environment is powerful enough, Lions Ground will host its own videos. First steps are already made, no Adsense ads are served on this website and Lions Ground is going to partner with alternative popular search engines.

It is expected that everything will be realized next year.

Lions Ground website is a crowdfunded platform where people can join. Select a great pledge which comes with a reward depending on the type of pledge.

Bottom line is, there is no trust in Google. Lions Ground will not rely on Google or its services and choose to be independent.