Lions Ground launches community for truth seekers

    We need to raise our middle fingers to the powerful social media companies, mainstream media and our government.

    The end of the year is approaching and it is time for us to walk a new path. Lions Ground is launching a community for truth seekers.

    Lions Ground has been on YouTube since 2007 and has seen the internet transform behind the scenes into a brainwash platform where nonsense gets a voice and truth suppressed.

    Social Media companies should not be concerned with politics. When the world’s powerful companies like Google (YouTube) attend the secret Bilderberg meetings that make decisions for you or when the boss of Bing search engine Mr. Bill Gates is pro-Corona vaccination then you should really worry.


    Lions Ground returned to YouTube in 2020. Old followers expressed their joy under the videos.

    But the followers forget one thing, there is no certainty on YouTube. One day, the Google-owned social media company can pull the plug and remove the channel for no good reason, which already happened before.

    In addition to all those manipulations on social media, all those so-called alternatives makes you crazy:

    • YouTube membership (YouTube takes 30%)
    • Rumble (Slowly changing to YouTube model because they see money)
    • Steemit (Unreliable content hosting)
    • Patreon (Patreon takes 5%)
    • Bitchute (It sounds like a sexist swear word, terrible looking and working platform)

    All of the above YouTube alternatives are nothing more than websites that take advantage of the content creator’s desperation or are simply unreliable video content hosting platforms.

    What a nonsense, enough is enough!

    together with our fans we make our own platform and no one can manipulate this.


    That’s why your membership is very important!

    Lions Ground is inviting you to join the community for FREE, each member is a building block of our community.

    The infrastructure:

    • Forums (active)
    • Profile (active)
    • Groups (active)
    • Video & live streams (coming soon)
    • Radio Station (coming soon)
    • Jobs


    Use the forums to do your research or you may want to start a discussion.


    Each person gets a unique profile that can be personalized with a profile photo and cover image.


    Members have the option to create groups. Just like Facebook you can create public and private groups.

    Videos & Live-streaming

    Videos and live streams will be hosted on our own servers.

    This really gives us the freedom to discuss uncensored topics without worrying about YouTube removing the video.

    As soon as we have reached 50 members, we will realize this.

    Radio Station

    We will launch our online radio station when the time is right. Live talk shows, podcasts from Lions Ground and third parties.


    The above elements will form the infrastructure of Lions Ground, we have to hand this over to others to run and maintain it.

    Instead of hiring strangers, we prefer to position our members!

    Become a Member!

    Register here, choose the free membership, or if you really want to support choose a monthly tier.

    Lions Ground wishes you a Merry and safe Christmas and a Happy New Year!


    1. I love this and this was needed to be done a year ago so we have some catching up to do but im all in. We must not stop until all sheeple know the truth and are actively seeking it as if you just listen to what they want you to believe youll always remain a sheep.

    2. Hey H., I have known you from the start. I think it was around 2008. We already had contact before. In my point of view, fuck Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. If you can, start your own videochannel on your own server. I wish you the best of luck, and my assistence where possible.


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