The largest international political conspiracy ever. Watch Nigel Farage exposing George Soros

The influence of billionaire George Soros in Brussels and Strasbourg is “really unprecedented.” Said MEP Nigel Farage at the European Parliament.

He spoke during a debate on the Paradise Papers, in which the name of Soros is mentioned in particular.

The shadowy billionaire recently pulled $18 billion in his Open Society Foundation, which supports the European Union. “And his influence here and in Brussels is really unprecedented,” he said.

Largest international political conspiracy

Farage pointed out that recently a study has been launched to see whether the Brexit-campaign was influenced by Russian money.

That investigation was requested by MP Ben Bradshaw, someone with ties to Open Society. The former UKIP leader wondered if we might be looking in the wrong place.

“I’m afraid we’re dealing with the largest international political conspiracy in history,” he said.

Reliable friends

The Open Society has the past years sit around the more than 40 times with the European Commission.

In a recent report, the organization called reliable friends in the European Parliament. This report lists the names of 226 MEPs, including some Dutch people.

Special commission

Farage called for an investigation and said he will ask all MEPs if they are funded by Soros.

“I’m going all the 226 write to and ask questions,” he said. “I believe that Parliament should set up a special committee to look at this.”

See the video below: