Kids with past lives: fifty years of research true reincarnation stories

Kids with past lives: fiftieth years of research true reincarnation stories

If our body dies will we continue to exist? Fifty years of research should give an answer to that.

In 1967, Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia began the study of life after death. With this research, he studied hundreds of children who claimed to have memories of previous lives.


Stevenson has deepened in years in past lives, near-death experiences, deep meditation, out-of-court experiences, deathbed visions, communication with deceased persons and other states of consciousness.

Recently, the colleagues who took over the research about life after death.

For example, Stevenson described a series of cases in India where the evidence is difficult to explain.

2500 cases

Stevenson’s research reached several scientific magazines and he wrote some books about this mystery.

During the conference Dr. Jim Tucker of the University of Virginia, who studied 2500 cases with regard to children with memories of past lives.

Birth defects

kids with past lives - hands girl
Hands of the girl

Some children have birthmarks or birth defects that are linked to deadly injuries from previous lives claim Tucker.

So, there was a case of a girl who remembered a life in which she was a man whose fingers were cut off before being killed. The girl was born with deformed hands as displayed in the pictured.

kids with past lives - hands boy
Hands of the boy

Or a boy with memories of another life where he lost his fingers through an awful accident. The boy was born with a deviation on his right hand.

Two birthmarks

Tucker also took a boy as an example that has memories of a previous life who was shot with a shotgun in his head and was born with a malformed face.

Dr. Tucker also explained that they can say with certainty that this does not only occur in countries where they believe in this phenomenon.

Kids with past lives

Tucker then explained that most cases are reported by parents who never believed in it.

He called an American boy as an example that can remind his former life as a war pilot, or the two-year-old James Leininger who always has the same nightmares. According to the boy, he was in a burning crashed plane.


Eventually, the stories became too detailed for someone of such age that the parents of that boy began to believe in reincarnation. With the fact that he revealed who died in the plane, namely fighter pilot James Huston, at Iwo Jima during World War II.

Another fact the boy knew the name of the aircraft carrier on which Huston was stationed, but more convincing some names of other crew members.

Below, the video of the meeting.