Comedian Jim Carrey shared his thoughts on Twitter about the American war missile that killed 40 children on a bus in Yemen. The missile that killed 51 people in total was made by the manufacturer Lockheed Martin who got a taste of their own medicine on social media. Remarkably, pro-Trump news network FOX news is silent about this.

The children were on their way to school after a picnic. The bus was standing still because the driver wanted to drink. At that moment, the laser-controlled missile MK 82 hit the bus.

Jim Carrey

Stars such as the American top comedian Jim Carrey, with almost 18 million followers on Twitter, can influence the serious crime that has taken place.

Jim Carrey wrote August 18 on Twitter “40 innocent children killed on a bus in Yemen, —displaying a drawing of a school bus with terrifying children “Our ally. Our missile. Our crime, —he continued.

Saudi Arabia denies targeting civilians and defended the incident as a “legitimate military operation” and a retaliatory response to a Houthi ballistic missile from the day before.
Lt. Cmdr. Rebecca Rebarich, a Pentagon spokeswoman, declined to confirm the origin of the bomb.

Lockheed Martin

Previously, CNN reported that the bomb that killed the children had been delivered by the US and made by weapon manufacturer Lockheed Martin.

A week before, American journalist Ben Norton had already discovered that the rocket could be traced back to Lockheed.

The report shows that the US and Saudi Arabia are guilty of war crimes on a large scale in Yemen.

Taste of their own medicine

Lockheed Martin Do you have an amazing photo of one of our products
Copy of the original Tweet is archived

It backfired when Lockheed Martin asked to send the best photos of their products. “Do you have an amazing photo of one of our products? Tag us in your pic and we may feature it during our upcoming World Photo Day celebration on Aug. 19!, —Lockheed Martin tweeted.

“Dear Lockheed Martin, you asked people to tweet “amazing photos of one of our products”. Here it is : This is a fragment of YOUR bomb, a laser-guided MK 82, which Saudi Arabia used to kill 40 Children in Yemen last week, —Donatella Rovera said.

“Here is the product of your products, —Johny David responded.

People sent in photos of the rocket that had hit the school bus in Yemen. Lockheed quickly removed the tweet, but people had already made a screenshot.