Jesus figure appears above the Colombian city of Manizales?

Jesus figure appears above the Colombian city of Manizales

In Colombia, according to local residents a Jesus figure appeared in the sky. The phenomenon occurred in a city that was hit by a landslide.

After heavy rainfall dozens of houses in the city of Manizales were swept away by a mudslide, killing 17 people.

Jesus Christ

According to local media it rained overnight as much as normally throughout the month of April.

Manizales is the capital of the Caldas province west of the capital Bogota. The city is located at the foot of the Andes.

To the surprise of local residents appeared a few hours after the disaster, a figure in the clouds that took the form of Jesus Christ.


jesus colombiaMarya the Iesus witnessed the remarkable appearance. She captured the phenomenon and put her video on Facebook. Many people think it is a sign of Jesus of Nazareth.

She said: “Jesus Christ visited our Colombian town, he calmed the sky and they listened to him.”

Others think that it is an optical illusion. “This is a natural phenomenon where the sun comes through different types of clouds,” Bazan said Noe.

Similar disaster

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Earlier this month a similar disaster occurred in Mocoa, a few hundred kilometers south of Manizales.

A landslide took over 320 lives. Thousands lost their homes.

Geplaatst door Marya de Iesus op vrijdag 21 april 2017