Ten Illuminati symbols explained. The meaning of the Illuminati pyramid or triangle, Illuminati hand symbols and links to Illuminati articles. Are you familiar with the meaning of the Illuminati symbols? Do not worry, you will never be a suspect.

Whether they know it or not, these symbols appeal enormously to the imagination. Precisely for this reason, the 10 most startling illumination symbols covered in this list.

About the Illuminati

Illuminati (also Illuminist or Illuminati) is the designation for various historical secret societies. The oldest of these is the Spanish Society Alumbrados (literally: the enlightened). This group held in the 16th and 17th centuries busy inner life and mysticism.

Besides, there was in France group that was influenced by Arab mysticism, the work of Erasmus, the modern devotion and quietism and who espoused anti-hierarchical ideas. These groups came under heavy fire by the activities of the Inquisition.

Many were persecuted, like the Knights Templar and the Cathars. The best known are members of the Illuminati created by Adam Weishaupt “The order of the day“. Belonged to this group include Johann Gottfried von Herder and Goethe. The origin of the name Illuminati is unclear. In Latin Illuminati literally means ‘the enlightened’.

10. The owl

Illuminati symbols: Owl
Illuminati symbols: Owl

An owl symbolizes wisdom. Thus it is suggested that the owl represents the goddess Minerva. In addition, owls see in the dark. Nothing escapes these animals!

You can imagine that Illuminists stimulated hit by this combination of properties. More concretely, they use the owl to show their power; Illuminists portray itself as wise rulers of the world. How do i know, you wonder? The owl is for example displayed on the 1 dollar bill. Further, certain parts of Washington DC is shaped in the form of an owl.

In a related annual meetings are organized with the aim to honor the owl. It seems that world leaders participate in this ritual! So was President Obama in July 2008 of the party. Furthermore, the owl has a particular significant role in the culture of the Cherokee Indians. In case of disaster and disease the chief did like to call upon the wisdom of the Eastern screech owl.

9. The Nazi salute

Illuminati Symbols: Hitler Nazi Salute
Illuminati Symbols: Hitler Nazi Salute

Was Adolf Hitler an illuminati puppet? The Nazi salute is also regarded as a symbol of the Illuminati. There is a theory, in which Hitler is seen as a puppet, in a game in which one had as a goal to (further) to collect money.

Thus, a number of bankers and big companies – including Ford and General Motors – financial benefit from the outbreak of the Second World War. It was only a matter of time until the United States would intervene in the war.

After the war, they put literally foothold within the European continent. Like any theory has supporters, there are also opponents. Rather, critics. It is good to know that the Nazi salute was not used by the Illuminists in first place Hitler himself stagger this theory; so he forbade the organization of Freemasons.

8. The (inverted) pentagram

Illuminati Symbols: Pentagram (Washington DC)
Illuminati Symbols: Pentagram (Washington DC)

Historians indicate that the pentagram – a five-pointed star – has been used by the Greeks and the ancient Sumerians. Later Christians associated the symbol with the five wounds of Jesus Christ. The symbol was subsequently embraced by the occultists and a certain group of witches.

An inverted pentagram is called the Sigil of Baphomet. This is symbolic of the Church of Satan. Conspiracy theorists know for sure: the street layout of Washington DC is an inverted pentagram! The bottom is facing the White House. Thus Satan – or any dark power whatsoever – are linked to the US president.

Not only the United States but the world may be governed by black magic. Weird isn’t?

7. The Pyramid

Illuminati symbols: The Pyramid
Illuminati symbols: The Pyramid

Annuit Coeptis: Annuit means to nod assent, to favor, to smile upon and Coeptis means undertakings, endeavors, beginnings. “Providence favors our undertakings” or “Providence has favored our undertakings.

Novus Ordo Seclorum: Novus means new, young, novel, or renewed. Ordomeans order, row, or series and Seclorum means ages, generations, or centuries.. “A New Order of the Ages

Illuminists also like to use the pyramid. Also printed on a Dollar Bill. In 1935 appeared the first note with a picture of a pyramid. This triggered immediately brought a flood of speculation .

13 layers of the pyramid would symbolize the 13 bloodlines of the dreaded Illuminists. Only in 1996 did the US government with an official statement; the pyramid on the dollar bill stands for strength and perseverance.

Incidentally, this fits very fine in the vein of the conspiracy theorists. The solid construction of a pyramid reflects the solid organization of the Illuminati again. Within the so-called top-down organizational rule the rulers from the top. The middle part symbolizes the different layers of society. The ordinary people, which are controlled by the top, belong to the bottom layer.

6. The obelisk

Illuminati symbols: Obelisk
Illuminati symbols: Obelisk

It is about an upwardly thinning column or column with a pyramid-shaped, blunt tip. Usually, that point is made of granite. Incidentally, the obelisk is designed by the ancient Egyptians. They built this structure – sometimes in pairs – for their temples.

The obelisk is also associated with the sun god Ra; it looks like the rays of the sun. One of the most famous obelisks, the “Obelisk of Luxor ‘on the Place de la Concorde in Paris. Also in New York ‘London and in Vatican City obelisks were built.

Starting from these locations, there was a theory that this construction is regarded as a symbol of power.

5. 666

Illuminati symbols: 666 satanism
Illuminati symbols: 666 satanism

According to Biblical writings the number 666 refers to the ‘mark of the beast, or the coming of the Antichrist. The Illuminists the Antichrist would like to place on a high dominance to dominate the world. The number 666 is used to bring to execute this plan.

Barcodes and logos to hand signals; according to the conspiracy theorists you get the “number of the beast ‘everywhere. For example, the numbers of bar codes are often divided into two groups and separated from one another by vertical lines, in three positions, further go down. This could be a reference to the number 666.

When it comes to logos, they like to use that of Walt Disney. If you draw a line through the curls, you would be able to see three times the number 6.

The real fanatics claim that are included in the logos in Adobe Acrobat Reader and Google Chrome signals. Virtually all major companies in their part of the comprehensive project of the Illuminati.

4. The Sign of Voor, Ox’s Horns, Bull’s Horns or Horns of Satan

Illuminati symbols: Horns Hand Sign
Illuminati symbols: Horns Hand Sign

Sign of Voor – This sign supposedly Requests Something of the “Old Ones” (Demons) that were cast from the earth to the Void Beyond the Planes where Chaos Reigns (this sign of the “Ox’s Horns” or “Bull’s Horns” is used by famous people to show honor to the power that got them where they are).

Through the “number of the beast” the link to ‘the goat greeting’ is quickly made. This is a hand signal that is made by stabbing your index finger and little finger upwards and the other fingers fold inwards.

Comparing this gesture also with devil horns. If you pay attention, then everyone is doing it! Virtually all American presidents, the Pope and many famous artists have recorded cheerful goat greeting on image.

According to the conspiracy theorists makes anyone who makes this gesture, part of the group the Illuminati. Terms of magnitude it is expanding! It may not be long before the Illuminati will establish their New World Order.

They also scrap Illuminati members from the list(sometimes they make more money dead than alive or who turn their back to this secret society). Think of Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur. Their sudden death is explained as a sacrificial ritual.

3. The eternal flame

Illuminati symbols: eternal flame
Illuminati symbols: eternal flame

A flame gives light, light is a symbol of the Illuminati and the Illuminists claim to bring relief. So the circle is complete again! The conspiracy theorists know exactly why the Illuminati use this symbol. The eternal flame symbolizes the destruction of the established order and the fueling of the New World Order.

Perhaps the most famous flame is the flame of the ‘Statue of Liberty’. Model for “Lady Liberty” was the pagan goddess Semiramis. From this line of thinking rationally symbolizes the ‘Statue of Liberty’ the transition from this world to the New World Order. The Olympic flame – which was introduced by the Nazis in 1936 – is part of a theory. The conspiracy theorists do not believe in coincidence!

2. The skull

Illuminati symbols: Skulls and Bones
Illuminati symbols: Skulls and Bones

Maybe “skull and bones” sound familiar? More specifically, ‘the order of skull and bones “- more than the free translation.

It is a secret society of students at Yale University. In 1832, this brotherhood was founded by William H. Russell and Alphonso Taft. Later, both men have made their mark within the military order of the United States.

According to insiders, the society comes together in a temple on the university grounds. Furthermore, the members of ‘the order of skull and bones’ back strokes on a real private island! At these secret locations, operations would be prepared.

It should be inspired by the quote: “Who was the fool, who the wise man, beggar or king? Whether poor or rich, all’s the same in death. ” This text hangs above the entrance to their room at Yale. Many influential figures from the world of business and politics are among “the order of skull and bones.”

Since 1992, women were also allowed to join this secret society.

1. The all-seeing eye

Illuminati symbols: all seeing eye
Illuminati symbols: all seeing eye

The all-seeing eye is considered as the most famous symbol of the Illuminati. This symbol is an eye surrounded by rays. Sometimes, the rays have been replaced by a triangle.

This symbol comes from Egypt; it represented the sun god Horus. Anno 2014, the all-seeing eye hangs in all temples within Freemasonry. You can find it on the opposite wall of the entrance, or facing east. Moreover, the opinions about the importance of the all-seeing eye in Freemasonry are divided; so there is a trend which the eye primarily as a decorative element. Although the Illuminati never use the all-seeing eye as their symbol, the conspiracy theorists know for sure that this view is of great value in this movement. More specifically makes it clear that the Masons play an important role within the structure of the Illuminati.

Illuminati Symbols

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You maybe have notice, a lot of symbols or signs are related to ancient Egypt. The modern Illuminati has become a public Satanic society what is not secret anymore. The opposite of the original Bavarian Illuminati.

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