What Are the Illuminati Signs: Are You Brainwashed?

Why is man sensitive to words, what influence does vocabulary have today? Words affect human behavior.

What Are the Illuminati Signs: Are You Brainwashed?

The human being is an intelligent animal species that responds to words and images, words such as commands and images such as symbols. From childhood, through education, we train ourselves and adheres personal value to words and symbols. A trained habit which makes a “human being” define everything we hear and see and that happens at school. The school has a program, the school is the first place where everyone is being programmed.

You must realize that a word carries great force to man. After graduating from school a large part will work for a “boss”. Just like a dog, which has a boss too. The boss oversees things, the word “boss” originates from overseas, that dates back to early 13c, American English, from Dutch baas or baes meaning “master,” originating from late Old English mægester “one having control or authority,” from Medieval Latin magistrare. Meaning “to reduce to subjugation”.

Boss, Baas, Baes, Master, the authority or magistrare wants to “bring things under control” when you apply that on humans you get enslavement. That’s why the “Act Against Slavery” is a hypocrite contract to maintain exclusive modern slavery designed by the people from above, the boss.

A person in charge is a boss, in class, the teacher is in charge. If you do not listen to the teacher, you get punished because the teacher’s word is law. Law, a rule or rules prescribed by Authority, Boss, Baas, Baes, Master or Magistrare.

If you do not obey the law you’re violating it. If you’re not careful, there will be a lawsuit against you. The judge on court wears the dress of the law. You do not want to end up in a law court because you are in the “enclosed yard of the law” prescribed by the boss.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-education, but school is the source of our everyday problems. People are being educated, but school doesn’t educate people on money for some reason while the world is based on money. The danger of education is that our brains are so trained that anything different is declared as incorrect, false or labeled as a lie. Just like in the circus, you learn the animal tricks, but nothing else.

Find any debate on the Internet, people who get tested by an enlightened person gets angry they ignore the facts and will curse. They are not mad at that enlightened person but angry with themselves without knowing it because they have a limited knowledge of a subject and feel insecure, different non-mainstream thoughts is termed “thinking outside of the box,” something most of us don’t like to do caused by education who are trained to live inside the box.

If we live in a free world why do we have invisible borders that create countries? In fact, the world is planet earth that has no borders, no yellow or white lines you see in maps.

A country is a box to keep the boss, leader or master and his or her slaves’ next door inside their own territory. Lion behavior! Therefore, the EU is built to fail because they try to merge two things with opposite meanings as one. It is individual countries or a single country, not both.

All of us, until today, are mastered to he who is greater. When you understand the true meaning of words you see the world differently. That said, the man uses words without understanding them.

If human easily gets words out of context, let alone symbolism.

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