Man did dark Illuminati ritual on little brother(6) to join the secret society

Would you kill your own flesh and blood for money and fame?


A man from Uganda decapitated his 6-year-old brother to become a member of the Illuminati.

Herbert Were wanted to become a member of the secret society and came in contact with a so-called businessman.

The 21-year-old Were was brainwashed by the businessman named Jef, according to Were’s phone.

Illuminati rituals

If Were wants to join the Illuminati, he has to carry out a dark task, says Ugandan police.

Were had to meet the Illuminati businessman in a club but not empty-handed.

He had to come to the meeting with a human head.

Not just a human head from a stranger but with a head of a person close to Were.

Were decided to lure his little brother of 6 years old to a remote forest where the sinister act had been carried out.

He cut off his brother’s head and put it in a bag. The remaining body was dumped in a river in Burgiri.

Illuminati businessmen

Lions Ground has to deal with “Want to join the Illuminati” every day.

These messages are most likely placed by groups of people under Illuminati-related content.

Illuminati Scam
Illuminati promo

Chances are that Herbert Were has come into contact via social network by responding to it.

That is why Lions Ground immediately delete such posts to prevent the can make victims.

These kinds of messages are obviously scam for most people.

People who struggle financially and are desperate are usually victims of the Illuminati’s businessmen.

In despair

In the previous publication ‘How to join the Illuminati – The Social Experiment‘ it was thought that “I” am the leader of the Illuminati.

I played the game and put on the jacket as the leader of the Illuminati.

The Illuminati wannabe, Rick, was very desperate because he wanted fame and fortune.

Rick had to perform some very strange tasks in order to be introduced to the brothers of the Illuminati.

He was so desperate he would do anything I ask.