The Asgardia is part of the Illuminati and it will be used for mind control and evil purposes, claimed by some people. The Asgardia contains —what looks like— the Eye of Horus, the symbol used by the modern Illuminati.

A team of scientists wants to realize a space station, called Asgardia, which will operate independently of the earth.

This space nation is out of the control of individual countries. The project is led by Russian scientist Igor Ashurbeyli, Chairman of UNESCO’s Space Science Committee.

Asgardia will be the “no man’s land” that will orbit around the earth. The name is derived from Asgard, one of the nine worlds of Norse mythology.


Since its launch, people can register as a citizen of Asgardia. The first satellite will be launched in 2017.

Conspiracy theorists now argue that Asgardia is actually a conspiracy of the Illuminati “to escape the devastation they have caused,” the Daily Mail writes.

They claim that the Eye of Horus, which is used for the project, is linked to the secret society the Illuminati.

Mind control

This symbol is associated with Freemasonry and the Illuminati, according to some people.

“The symbolism of the Illuminati is hidden in plain sight, right in your face,” said Dahboo777.

People seem to agree with him. “Of course they will use it for mind control and other malicious things,” Teresa Elliot wrote.


One of the first planned Asgardia projects is the construction of a shield to protect the earth against the impact of asteroids, space debris and solar wind.

There are circling an estimated 20,000 pieces of space debris, including inactive spacecraft and parts of rockets in orbit around the Earth.

United Nations

“Asgardia is a full and independent nation and a future member of the United Nations,” said Ashurbeyli.

“It serves the whole humanity and everyone, regardless of his or her personal well-being and prosperity of the country they happen to be born,” he added.

Do not be surprised that people associate it with the Illuminati. It contains literally symbols associated with gods. A creation based on a world from above, the creation of a new world or the New World Order. But where most conspiracy theorists go wrong, the Eye of Horus has nothing to do with the Illuminati.