Icini Studios: “2PAC Escaped in This Jet”

No experts have ever debunked his video evidence of 2PAC’s escape from a private jet in 1996”

YouTuber Michael Nice from the YouTube channel Icini Studios shares a video explaining that this is the jet the rapper fled from. Is this the escape jet of 2PAC?

False, 2PAC’s escape jet video uploaded by Icini Studios is a hoax. The original video was stolen from the YouTube channel ‘Just Planes’. The video was published 16 years after the death of the rap icon Tupac Shakur who died in 1996. The location doesn’t match either. Michael Nice claims the video was shot in Las Vegas while the original video tells the location described in the video description is Boston Logan Airport.

Icini Studios is YouTube channel dedicated to the rap icon Tupac Shakur that is most likely owned by the figure named Michael Nice providing his followers disinformation such as the staged death of Mr. Nice.

On June 3, 2020, the escape jet video was released. The channel claims it is evidence that the rapper is still alive and used the jet to escape to disappear. This appeared in the video “2pac is Alive Escaped via Private Plane Real Evidence Provided by Michael Nice“.

The ICINI hoax video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F23z4buwNg0 is no longer available as a result of the copyright claim submitted by Just Planes after being informed by Lions Ground. The reaction of the original copyright owner is available at the bottom of this article.

Michael Nice says in third person about himself that he helped fake the rap icon’s death and that his original footage was used in 2PAC’s music video directed by the mother Afeni Shakur.


Lions Ground has carefully researched the video material and learned that the video originates from Just Planes.

The original video not only tells that Icini Studios has been found guilty of a hoax but also debunks other claims made by Michael Nice. He claims that his jet video was made in Las Vegas, but in the video description of the original video Boston Logan Airport is described as the location.

“No experts have ever debunked his video evidence of 2PAC’s escape from a private jet in 1996,” says Nice in his video.

Lions Ground informed Just Planes that Icini Studios is using their video and has asked to respond to this story. Records have shown that Icini Studios is not licensed and has not requested permission to use the video as Just Planes normally require credits.

Mike of Just Planes responded in an email: “I did a check in our invoicing to see if we had an invoice for that footage and we didn’t… And if the footage was given for free we would have requested a credit and link to our site, neither were on the video so I would say no there was no permission given. We have filed the copyright claim, If Icini does come back with proof they did get permission or bought the clip we would off course retract that claim but I do not see any record of it.”

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