I went to heaven ‘They told me my son was going to die’

Went to heaven

A new paranormal experience by Doctor Maryneal: “I went to heaven and there was told that my son was going to die”, Orthopedic surgeon Maryneal experienced a near-death experience in 1999 when she was on vacation in Chile during a kayaking accident.

She was hit over and was pulled underwater by the strong current. Dr. Neal was 24 minutes unconscious, but recovered miraculously without brain damage.

Neal claims she visited heaven during her near-death experience, there has met spirits and got a warning that her son was going to die. Once she was regained consciousness, she wondered whether it all really happened. ‘I invented all sorts of alternative explanations‘.

She told the program ‘In Deep Shift from OWN TV. ‘ We always wanted to find an explanation that we could understand. ‘I am a concrete thinker. I’m not exaggerating.

After some time Dr. Neal came to the conclusion that everything she experienced, science could not provide her an answer. “The beauty was incredibly intense,” she said. “You can’t compare it to anything on Earth.”

She remembered a domed building and was greeted by spirits who were happy to see her. Neal described these entities as physical beings who had a clear form.

They had a physical form. They had heads, arms, legs and wore a sort of robe, ‘she said.’I knew they were there to love me, to guide and protect.

Neal didn’t wanted to return to earth, but the spirits told her that it wasn’t her time yet. She reunited with her body. The spirits said just before she went back that her eldest son would die in the future.

Ten years later, in 2009, her son died in a car accident. She wrote a book named ‘To Heaven and Back’.

I went to heaven ‘They told me my son was going to die’

Watch the beautiful video ‘The doctor wo met spirits in heaven’:

The doctor who met spirits in Heaven by Lions Ground

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  • Binkyboo

    Very awesome story and hits home to me. I too experienced something similar when I stopped breathing while in intensive care with double pneumonia. I saw a black tunnel and felt such peace and love but before I could go any further, I was stopped by my deceased father who yelled
    at me to go back, it wasn’t my time yet. I was brought back by CPR. This story brought that moment back to me. Very awesome!
    Peace & love, Heart Whisperer 🙂

    • That’s a beautiful experience! If you want to share your beautiful story do share it on https://paranormalforums.info my brand new community special about the Paranormal.

      • Binkyboo

        Thank you, I think I will share my story. I’ve been thinking about applying to do a blog on liveparanormal.com for I have much to share. I love your paranormal forums and want to get involved as much as I can. I look forward to sharing.
        Peace & love, Heart Whisperer 🙂

        • Peace & love

          • Heart Whisperer

            I love Lions Ground, I’m totally hooked! Peace & love 🙂

          • And lions ground loves you too!

          • Heart Whisperer

            Awww, so sweet, thank you ! Peace & love 🙂

          • Thank you for thanking me 🙂 😉

          • Heart Whisperer

            Heathcliff, I watched a video today that you made, I never realized you were so handsome! I loved the video which I will comment on tomorrow. Peace & love 🙂

          • Well thank you! You think so?
            I am looking forward to your comment than 🙂

          • Heart Whisperer

            You are very welcome Heathcliff and yes I do think you are very, very handsome. Quite gorgeous in fact and a very sexy accent too! I bet you have women falling at your feet! I will get to the comment on the video tonight, been very busy today. Peace & love 🙂

          • Well wauw thank you very much for all your compliments. Take your time, i am looking forward!

          • Heart Whisperer

            You are very welcome. Peace & love 🙂